Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are all entitled

To panic sometimes. Today is my day. Just bear with me for one post......


The trouble is, it all has to come at once. And to compound matters, I set up some additional deadlines for myself that I now see were not sensible. (Well, of course.)

First - Woolfest. OK, so a couple of weeks to go, but we actually leave the Saturday before. I haven't finished the signage. A box of fibre and a box of spindles have yet to arrive. (This always happens, no matter how early I order stuff.) Actually, in the grand scheme of things, neither matter all that much as we have some of the spindles from that particular maker in hand, and the fibre is going to be gorgeous as ever, but ridiculously expensive because of the ££ against the $$, higher shipping costs and higher duties. Lovely stuff, though, and I should enjoy spinning it myself, so wotthehell!

Then there is the talk on natural dyeing. Which I do know that I could do standing on my head, but of course have to rework the entire thing several times over. Did we say perfectionist? In so many ways I am not, but sometimes, it creeps up on me...

Plus, I can't find my freakin' sets of colour samples. I have some new, and some old, but my beautifully laid out cards have vanished into the mire that is my workroom. They will turn up in September......

And even before Woolfest, I have an AH class, with I think three beginners as well as a felting session to oversee.

We get back after all that lot, and it is the Nancy Bush workshops. Now, this is virtually all organised, I'm not teaching just gophering gently, and it is going to be huge fun having Nancy here and meeting all the workshop participants, but even so, it is there, and I will be thinking....

I should be finishing off the Spin to Knit stuff. Which I have so nearly done, but not quite. Notes to finish off (at least I now have all the content and running order all pinned down) materials to round up and purchase where necessary (hurrah! for Woolfest)

Then there is....of course.....housework. Dust and cat fluff everywhere. I can't decide which would be less stressful doing it myself or getting a crew in (oh, I've done that before!) Ironing, too. Why is it that all the clothes you want for any given occasion(s) are in the ironing basket, and even linen doesn't look good that rumpled.

What is worse is that I am fully aware that It Is All My Fault. I set it all up. I indulged in avoidance, displacement and procrastination. All I can hope is that I can look back on it all and smile.....

I actually managed to sit behind a spinning wheel last night. Boy, did that feel good. So, maybe a bit more of that, a few more calming thoughts, and a real look at the situation instead of doing through my fingers whilst screaming, and I shall survive this.

Thank you for listening!

Beadlizard left a comment on my last post, asking why I was so freaked at the armed police. Syl, the police in the UK still do not routinely carry weapons, and it is very, very unusual to see them carrying them openly. Weapons have been available to them after special training, for a long time, and these officers are increasingly deployed. But the ordinary patrol officers are still not armed.

The UK has some of the toughest gun controls going, and, many of us consider, therefore a low rate of gun crime - less than 0.5% of all recorded crime, and if air guns are excluded, less than 0.2%, according to one source I found. The only gun ownership that I have any experience of is sporting guns, for country pursuits, and we don't even have the extent of hunting that you do in the US. So to see what I did was a considerable shock, and I was grateful to the Judge for warning us. I don't know if there are always armed officers deployed at the Court, or if this was a special case. I hope the latter, but fear the former.


beadlizard said...

Interesting. I knew that your populace carries few guns but didn't realize even the police went without. What a foreign (ha!) concept. I don't carry anymore -- don't really need it in my current life -- but I had a shoulder holster in Montana and my trusty .22, with bigger guns when necessary. Unfortunately, they often *were* necessary, and not just for skunks.

Joy and Lena were here yesterday for a quick visit. We lounged on the couches for the afternoon and DD spun and we all talked at once. Your company would have been a perfect addition.

As for all your commitments, I'm a huge fan of complex lists and flow charts. Good luck! --syl

ra said...

I had the same feeling when I went to Heathrow a couple of years ago to meet my neice coming from New Zealand. I just couldn't get over the fact that there were police officers carrying dinky little semi automatics quite openly. I felt like a hick.