Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What news, Rialto-wise, or otherwise?

None of the former, sadly. Although I wouldn't particularly want there to be at the moment, given the weather.

It has been hot. Very beautiful, the landscape in full flower with masses of colour rioting over fields and hedges. I don't think I ever remember seeing such a magnificent buttercup crop, and everything else is just as lush.

We went to an event on Sunday that was somehow quintessentially the best of English. (Some readers will know what I am talking about here, but I'm not going to spell out all the details, not really relevant.) It was a retirement party for someone I have known for a few years now, arranged at her place of work by her work colleagues. The weather was perfect, and they had been loaned a small marquee to keep off the heat of the sun (or, if it had been necessary, the rain!) Everything was perfect, actually. It was completely obvious that everyone had respected, liked and admired this person, and everything was beautifully done. Friends and colleagues gave speeches, comedy performances, and played exquisite music. The venue, famed for its food, had pulled out every single stop and then some, and gave us an absolutely magnificent tea. I shall miss her, of course, but it was one hell of a send-off and I am so glad to have been there.

Back in the real world, it has been a bit too hot for over-exertion, but some knitting and spinning has been going on. And, as promised, I have a Finished Object.

Now, as lacy shawls go, this one is very simple, although effective. It is a Heartstrings pattern, good clear instructions, charts, etc. but when did that ever stop me going wrong. So, yes, frogged a time or two, but finished now, and I am pleased with it.

A view...


And a close up....


I have just, through my wide open skylight window, heard a squirrel barking loudly. Not the fault of one of the Snowshoes, this time! I get lovely sounds drifting in, my favourites being the wood pigeons and the black caps. We even see the latter, occasionally!

OK, off to cook supper, fortunately a stove top dish planned, as that's all there is going to be for the next couple of weeks. My second oven has gone sulky - the top one did ages ago, and I foolishly ignored it. Fingers crossed that we can get it working again, I do not want to have to hunt for a new one, it was bad enough last time. Because of the fact that people don't cook these days - silly little ovens and great big useless grills.

Don't get me started....yet!

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