Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm flying around like the proverbial, and seem to have precious little to show for it. Maybe blogging will put some sort of order on to the chaos?

Or not?

We had a pretty much excellent trip to Cornwall. DMIL was in her usual terrific form, she really did look well. Her new next door neighbours are a bit of a tonic for her, I think. A nice couple and their three children. All boys, so DMIL was waxing very lyrical about the joys of boys, and had great fun in the pub over lunch enjoying the antics of a couple of brothers who reminded her irresistibly of her own pair now grown so large.

I came across an even better pair later, twin thuglets (in the nicest possible way) down at Gorran Haven. Even I could have carried them home in my pocketses.

What did we do? Not a lot. Weather was very kind, and as a consequence, the hordes were out, so we didn't go to the coast on Sunday afternoon but spent a few hours in the Luxulyan valley. And very nice it was, too, warm but not too warm for walking a bit,and admiring the extremely exuberant plant life swarming all over everywhere. We did go to the sea late on, but not this time to Hemmick, it seemed a bit daft given the very limited parking there. So we went down to Gorran, and blagged the closing shop to sell us ice creams and just sat and watching everyone packing up and going home in the late sun. Glorious.


Sun through the trees

Enjoying the evening tide

Tine mine

Pretty nice, eh?

The only ointmental fly was coming home on Monday, when Newquay Airport seemed to be entirely staffed by jobsworths on behalf of the blessed bmibaby. Seemingly, they have fairly recently changed their rules to limit you to one piece of hand luggage, and yes, it is on the website (although no, it does not have anything to do with the CAA) but the website is not clear whether or not this includes handbags. In my case it did not, although in the cases of several younger and more attractive chickies, it did. Humph. What is more, nothing whatever had been said about it at Manchester. Personally, I think the fact that it was a Bank Holiday had something to do with it......

What else? Gallery sitting, amongst other things.


I have enjoyed the current "Beermat" exhibition, lots of interest. Clever idea.

I've been a bit glued to the computer as well, struggling - still, sorry! - with organising my thoughts about courses and talks this summer. Woolfest is nearly upon us - and that I am pleased about - but I need to have quite a bit sorted before I go jaunting off to Cockermouth. Although I will take the laptop with me, I would prefer not to have to spend the time working on course notes!

And, lest I forget that this is meant to be a record of fibre stuff that I do, here we have a couple of small, but rather choice, FOs. Crocheted, no less.

Crocheted neck thingy

Crocheted wrist warmers

I am also knitting socks, of course. The Jitterbug buggers are nearly finished, and about bloody time, too. Frogged almost as much as a lace shawl (speaking of which, watch this space). The Rainforest "Tigers" went on to the needles to travel with, and the first one is almost done (second next year some time, I should think!) And I have cast on a scarfish sort of thing with some utterly wonderful merino/bamboo (Bonkers, Obscure Rainbow) that I spun a while back. Quite fabulous to work with. Must do more. Good job I have a new stock for Woolfest!

Oh, it's all going on, and more besides. Just don't have too much time to write about it!

Edited to add: Sorry, Susanna, I forgot your request for the Cat Gallery details. They do mail order!

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Thanks so much for the link Carol - it will be great to have something that Neelix and approved and tested. Susanna