Friday, June 01, 2007

It was forty years ago today......

I make no apology for using what is probably the most cliched blog post title ever, that will be found in some few variations around the blogosphere many times over today. I simply couldn't not. I woke up this morning (I think there may be a cliche there, too....) with Lucy in the Sky in my ear and was instantly transported back to that golden summer. It has been like it all day, Beatles tracks here, there and everywhere (sorry, wrong album, I know, but I couldn't resist and it is my all time favourite, not only because I love the track musically, but because....Oh, well, perhaps it would really be too self-indulgent to there, not to mention just too icky teenagey when I am supposed to be grown up. Sufficient to say that Revolver marked one of life's staging posts as well.

But it is probably true to say that for those of us who were passing through the ritual points of leaving school, going to college, leaving college, first job and a bit of money, new friends - all of this with the counterpoint of those Beatles tracks heard for the very first time (and no, there isn't an allusion there this time!) - well, today somehow did mean something. If only that we feel very, very old.

Actually, that isn't true. Only surprise that forty years as whizzed by with such speed. And dang it, sixty four is treading fast on our heels. Though they got it wrong there, in my opinion.

Anyhow, I shall cease blathering about it for the moment. I do have more to say on the subject. Back in the day (not yet really an English phrase, but I love it although I am not sure why) it took just seven days for the tracks on Sergeant Pepper to be etched on our minds and sunk deep into our psyches. And on the seventh day.....

You will just have to wait patiently for the next installment.

Now. Big news. We have our new to us car. Seems very nice. And, in even bigger news, for the first time ever (see, you are never too old....) the DSM has broken the law, knowingly. I perhaps should not be writing this in case the long arm of the law does blog-checks - but he forgot to take our car insurance documents with him when we went to pick it up, and so could not tax it. Shock, horror. Hopefully, this can be rectified easily enough tomorrow, and we did manage to get all the way home unscathed. Meant I had to miss out yet again on stopping off at Borders and Ikea, but better safe than sorry. This came very hard for him, and he is still trembling....but in all other respects going great guns. We Are Nearly There.

To prove it.

DSM's socks

Socks from Sara's custom dyed yarn. Nice pattern, too, one of Nancy Bush's, which I can't remember so will get shouted at.

DSM's spindle spun socks

Another pair completed. Spindle spun yarn, and not navajo plyed, so the colours are delightfully quirky. There's a nice pair of hairy ankles in shot, too!

iPod bag

And this is my contribution. A bag for my iPod or mobile phone, from spindle spun merino/tencel. The colour is a little bit more red than shows on my monitor, although still towards the pink. I am very fond of this fibre mix, I think it spindle spins very well, and makes good sock yarn as well as for other things.

An FO, however small and simple! (My new watchword, remember?)


Sara said...

Woohoo! Nice socks! Just in time for summer, but then I guess given English summers, you can wear the odd wool sock every now and then? :)

Congarats on the car: always fun to get new toys, eh?

And last, hope the hairy ankles are Pete's.

Leigh said...

Oh my. "Back in the day" is definitely an Appalachian Blue Ridge term. Most amusing when from the lips of a 20 year old whose days can't go back all that far. Anyway, the socks are lovely!

Pete said...

The socks using Sara's yarn are adapted (since her patterns are not for men's feet!) from Nancy Bush's Canal Du Midi pattern, in Knitting On The Road.

The others (using Freyalynn's dyed tops) are just generic sock pattern.