Friday, June 22, 2007

She said yeah

Twice over, in fact.

Once for the long-awaited box of goodies from Greensleeves Spindles, just in time for Woolfest (phew!) Not only did she say yeah, she drooled in a rather indelicate fashion as well. How I will bring myself to sell any of these spindles I do not know. There are some nice nostepinnes as well, in really pretty woods. But the spindles........I should have photographed them, but the DSM was feeling in an organisational mood and had us checking and cataloguing and labelling and packing them away.

Probably just as well.

And secondly? Time for a little food pr0n, haven't had any for ages.

Went to the organic veggie shop yesterday (well, one of them, this 'ere town being blessed by two, it is that sort of a place. They had some good looking broad beans. Shopping in this way can be a bit of a challenge if you are not going to serve meat/fish and two veg - you have to see what there is and construct a recipe from it, which is often cauliflower cheese or pasta with mushrooms. And nothing wrong with those.

But yesterday, the brain wiggled.

So, I also bought tiny plum tomatoes and a small carton of single cream. Already at home I had Prosecco, and summer savory growing in a pot outside the door. This is what I did with the booty:

Thinly sliced one large onion, and gently fried (a bit more than sweating) with two crushed cloves of garlic. Then added the uncooked, shelled broad beans. Next, poured in a generous quantity of Prosecco, quarter of a pint or thereabouts of water, and some more Prosecco. Seasoned with freshly ground black pepper, and finely chopped savory, and added about one teaspoonful of Marigold bouillon powder - maybe a bit more. Halved the tomatoes, threw them in, and let the whole lot simmer until the pasta was cooked. (I used the smaller-than-macaroni stuff, can't remember what it is called, wholemeal, of course.) Before adding the pasta to the veggies, I stirred in a small pot of single cream and some grated parmesan.

Served, and devoured. It was fab.

OK, so not entirely healthy, what with wine and cream, but not too overindulgent. Plus, it saved us from drinking the entire bottle of wine, that must count for something. I can't give precise quantities, it was a stand at the stove and create kind of thing. But I reckon that if you like this sort of thing, you are probably quite capable of winging it just like me.

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