Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm moving on

I seem to have been moving at a rate of knots all week, and with not all that much to show for it. Household stuff. Sorting out odds and sods of spindle spun yarns, skeining, washing, winding in to balls and starting to use. Preparing for classes various. Realising that amidst all of this, I had mistaken the day for a routine doctor's appointment and had therefore missed it - a heinous crime, but they forgave me. It did then involve both of us going to the surgery at crack of dawn, but never mind. (And in the intervening six months since I last saw my doc, he had grown his short back and sides that I assume he had adopted to give him more gravitas into a riot of thick black longish curls. suited him much better. Made him look even younger than usual, but happier in his own skin which has to be a good thing!

I digress.

Thursday, coven. Very nice. I haven't been often enough of late. Must do better.

Friday, AH, and not such a shambles as it might have been. Inkle weaving is not in my area of expertise to say the least, but was requested, so we had a go. Now, when this happened with braiding, I found out that I liked it after all and got all enthused, but no so with inkling, so the day wasn't as successful, but not a complete disaster, either, at least, I hope not.

Then, Saturday, Bradford Guild. A really nice meeting, and interesting talk, with examples, of Native American beadwork (plus other bits and pieces.) The guy, although Yorkshire born and bred, was a true enthusiast and really knew his stuff, answered the many questions with ease and fluency. Then, we stayed on after lunch and chatted and spun in a very pleasant manner, all nice and relaxed.

After that, a return visit to IKEA, where not only did we successfully get the shelving units we wanted for Woolfest, but also a set of new bedding in a dark, rich purple. Wow.

Apropos of Woolfest, another box of fibre came this week, lovely, lovely stuff as I had known it would be, but even better. How can I bear to let this go? I know, there should be a photo, maybe another day, but imagine, if you will, a box full of merino, and silk (separately) in hot pinks, purples, teals, rich browns. This was a consignment from Karen Emrey of Royale Hare, who i have purchased from myself many, many times, so decided at last to have some to see how it went on the stall. We have got some gorgeous stuff this year, and if it doesn't sell, I will have a lifetime supply of super fibre to keep me entertained! Just (just! hah!) spindles to come now, I have some new Bossies but there are midis on the way, and then spindles and nosties from Elizabeth at Greensleeves. It is getting near the wire - they were posted in time, but parcels are getting held up at a central Customs office. A right royal pain, if you ask me. And then they charge us a minor fortune in duty, grumble, grumble.....

So - moving on.

The DSM starts back at work tomorrow! After five months of him being home, it is going to seem weird, to say the least. For both of us, no doubt. I do have plenty to do, after a celebratory day of indulgence, the celebration being that he is recovered, not that I have got shot of him. Really. i haven't, anyway, he is going to be working from home quite a bit, yeay.....

But....but. It will seem odd, no two ways about it.

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