Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No expectations

None at all - I really had no idea just how these first few days/weeks would go.

So far, so good. Himself is doing fine - herewith back to skool photo, taken on Sunday evening.

back to skool

We have this very little walk that we do regularly, a convenient round. The other side of the wall is a goyt that runs down past the farm and from above that where there used to be mills to another former mill, now cottages on the river bank.


From here, we cross the meadow and then have a routine stop on the bridge over the river, a good spot for spotting the odd dipper, which we did on this occasion.

river in summer

In fact, you can see it in this photo; below the branches, almost in the middle is a forked branch upright in the river. Immediately to the left is a flat topped rock - on the right hand end, one small brown bird.

OK, so why this displacement chatter (and more to come)? It isn't that I am not getting any fibre stuff done, it is just that none of it is as yet particularly noteworthy. I hope that in time it will be, but thus far, just a lot more spinning and plying and skeining and washing and sampling. All so not very interesting. I am more than somewhat please so far with some spindle spun silk. I am very definitely not the world's best silk spinner on the wheel - and I have never been able to suss out why. I think that it is because I can never manage to spin a consistent single, which then looks even worse plyed. the spindle spun is likewise, but not as extreme, and also, because pretty fine, I am thinking that I might cable it. My intention is to knit with it and d some painted embellishments, but you know what they say about good intentions. I will confess all, in due course.

I did spend Monday doing such in front of the telly - it was lovely, haven't felt so relaxed in ages. The DSM had a good and fairly long day actually in work, came home tired, but ok. He has been at home yesterday and today, back in the office tomorrow. He's doing well on the hours and it is all being very civilised.

We are still speaking to one another.

In place of WIPs or FOs - my lovely clematis. On my monitors, the colour isn't quite right, but pretty none the less.


And of course, when all else fails, there is always the cat photograph to fall back on - besides, these two complain if they don't get sufficient exposure here. May I present to you our great new purple bedding set, with added cat ears......

born to the purple

And, I might add, hairs - I have to take my clothes brush to the duvet at frequent intervals!

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Charleen said...

How good to hear that the reentry is going well! Great back-to-school picture!