Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Death in the afternoon

I was going to come up here this afternoon, after doing the initial prep for the smoked haddock chowder we are having for supper this evening - and install the camera software on to the laptop.

I have been hindered.

Second of all, I can't find the dam' cd. I know it is in the pile somewhere, I need to make more of an effort. Effort-making is a little beyond me just at present. I was treating myself to a drink of water and a bit of a read of HP & the Order of the Phoenix, when I heard noises. A scuffle, a clatter, a squawk. Then a few more indeterminate noises. These did not sound like good news. They sounded like a siamese cat up to no good.

I was right. Max - Max! the arthriticky one! was sitting just outside the open door with a teenage squirrel in his mouth. Said squirrel was alive.

Now, this posed me with a huge dilemma. I like squirrels, but I do know that even when young and foolish they can inflict quite a lot of damage on cats, and indeed on humans. So, I didn't want to place either my miscreant mog or myself in any danger of injury. Neither did I want the poor little bushy-tail to snuff it if avoidable. And on the third hand, I didn't want Max to start taking chomps out of it, it is simply not a pleasant sight to see a cat chowing down on prey.

Fortunately, as I stood dithering on the doormat, the phone rang. I slammed the door and the cat flap, with cat and squirrel on the outside, thus avoiding any complications to do with going to ground under any beds, and dealt with my call. By the time I returned, the squirrel had shuffled off its mortal coil. Although Max still had a very firm grip on the back of its neck.

A bit of crashing about and looking threatening on my part, and he (having already quite obviously realised that he didn't know what to do with it now he had subdued it) dropped the ex-beasty and scarpered. I found means of lifting it and transferring it to the dustbin (for now, at least). Poor, floppy tail!

I have dealt with worse, in my time....

I had intended to do a nice post all about releasing my inner hedgewitch - the herbs I have been planting, the dye pot full of cow parsley that gave me an eye-popping yellow, the little skeins of spindle spun yarn lining up. Not to mention my Treetops Colour Harmonies skein. Haven't actually quite completed that, so that was off the agenda already, and the rest will have to wait until I can regroup, recover &etc.

I had a good day out in town with a friend yesterday, finally venturing in to the fabulous new shoe shop, Ruby Shoesday. Who could resist? I was good, one inexpensive pair of summer pumps, but I have my beady ones fixed on some great sandals that are not.......... Also added two more giant cups to the collection from the seconds china shop. Did not add anything to the stash at the yarn shop, it is, frankly, useless. I try to support my LYS, but it is hard work.

Tomorrow, I am off to Variegations for a day playing. I deserve it!

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