Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Around and around

A pictureless post again. I'm workin' on stuff, there will be pictures, plus the DSM has one he wants me to put on for him, and I like to indulge him when I can.......

It has been a bit busy, busy busy recently. Working backwards, book group, dentist, bookgroup today. Yesterday - went on a car hunt. No, not a car treasure hunt, but looking for a new vehicle for himself. And whoop de doo, may just have found it at the first attempt. Had managed to persuade him that we needed a slightly bigger something or other to get all the gear in for workshops, fairs and so on. (Failed to persuade him that this should be another, larger Suzuki, but can't win 'em all.) Did succeed though, as we went looking for a Peugeot 307 Estate. The first one seems fine, getting an AA check to make surer. Watch this space.

I fell in love with the place we went to. We had intended to go only to proper garages, but this one was someone trading from home. A farm, they were obviously sort of trying the self-sufficiency bit, had chickens and geese and horses and all sorts. Had had sheep, but they had wandered off all over the surrounding area, which did not surprise me at all when he told me they were Herdwick!

Sunday, we stayed in and hid from the rain and recovered from Saturday....

When we went to York with my sister to visit the mater. It was her 89th birthday today, when we couldn't visit, so we went earlier and took her a nice picnic lunch as she won't go out at all now. I find visiting her so depressing, for all sorts of reasons, some a credit to me, many others definitely not. Interestingly, I was talking to someone this morning who seems to have had very similar experiences with her mother. She used to phone her brother before talking to her mother to find out what frame of mind she was in - or he did likewise. Her mother and mine sounded like sisters separated at birth.

I came home and picked up a new knitting project. Handspun yarn. It felt like heaven in my fingers. Knitting anything would have felt good, but somehow my own handspun had that extra something that put the world to rights for a few moments, gave a sense of real peace. I can only think that it is because it is one's own creation, that the pleasure and satisfaction of creativity are curled around every single fibre, that it feels so good. Whatever, it worked the cure for me that night.

And in further good stuff - we seem to have some light at the end of the tunnel. The DSM has taken several steps forward in recent days and is much more positive. Really seems interested in getting back to work, and has much more energy. I am so pleased for him.

OK, and for me too, if I am being honest!

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