Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mixed emotions

I have been meaning to write a blog entry for days now, and not getting around to it. I wanted to take some photographs, and time just wasn't somehow on my side to get that done - so no words, either.

Trouble is, I tend to use my laptop now as it is way, way faster, doesn't have nervous breakdowns all over the place, and - I just like it....But I haven't yet got around either to loading the camera software, so I need the pc booted up for that, and.....

Boring, innit?

I have been doing stuff. Went for some more or less instant gratification with beads - strung a few bits and pieces to put a little bit of new glitz into my life. Did a simple spiral, mossy green multi beads same as the strung pendant, plus little green pearls. Pretty. These were some of the beads I bought on the last trip to the States. I have plenty left to go at. I have some lovely beads from a beadmaker who is on Sheep Thrills, Gayle Herring, that I want to get to (I'll add a link to her website at a later date). The last bead I got from her is a charming little thing, and I want to suspend it from a St Petersburg chain. Trouble is, the instructions I have for that are a tad incomprehensible. Except that the ageing brain is telling me that there was a Beadwork project for that a few issues ago, so I need to go hunt it up.

I spin, I knit. Nearly finished the Manx Loghtan. Not sure what to do with it. I am tempted to use Tunisian crochet for a bag. Simple stuff, remember? The blue scarf is nearly done. For indulgence, I am wheel spinning some ancient Treetops Colour Harmonies I found at the bottom of the stash. See, I get around to some things some of the time!

Today, I spun yards and yards of the blue silk. In public, kind of. Today was a Big Day.

Today, I accompanied the DSM to his new place of work - the office move has finally taken place (so much for my cynicism that it never would). So much, too, for my cynicism that working at home would never be an option. Of a sudden, a miracle - a laptop has materialised! (We have yet to get it to work, have some doubts on that score, connecting to the internet, I mean.) I was very impressed, we spoke with his immediate two managers and they had a whole plan to propose. Seemingly, the company has a "rehabilitation" process, takes place over four weeks, he can work what he can manage and it doesn't get billed to his project. They had a good scenario for what he could be doing workwise to ease himself back in, and all in all, it went extraordinarily well. This should kick off officially some time in the next couple of weeks, but actually he is hoping to begin unofficially almost immediately. Except that as soon as we were home, the black dogs began a'howlin', I suppose that was inevitable. We can deal.

The offices were super, and I really liked his coworkers, too. who didn't seem at all fazed by my presence. I only sat in on the actual meeting bit, took myself off to an adjacent "quiet area" while he did a few necessary things, drank ersatz cappuccinos from the free drinks machine and as I said, spindle spun yards and yards of blue silk. Two of the women came up to talk to me, but the men just ignored it (not me, the spinning.)

So, all in all, we are getting there. It is going to seem very strange when he does go back. But before that, probably, we have the cardioversion set for 11 June - had a very unsettling thing happen apropos, phone call from the hospital the day before he was due to have the exercise stress test cancelling it because he was "not suitable". Threw us both into a bit of a panic, but turns out that what they meant was that there was no point, with arrhythmia there would be no usable results.

Pity they couldn't have said that - I've had enough rollercoaster rides recently, thank you very much.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

You must both be emotionally drained.
Keeping you both in my thoughts,

beadlizard said...

We've been waving the dpn's constantly for you both. Adjusting to a new work environment is hard enough without all the additional heart stress -- which is already like a new job! Our best wishes for you and I'll see if I can steal a moment to write more soon. Gentle hugs and a soft nag to get that camera software working so I can see your beadwork, please??? --Syl