Friday, May 25, 2007

Surprise, surprise

Photos. We had to boot up the pc today, so I took the easy route. Quickly did a few snaps and uploaded them. I know, I know, an easy matter as well to put the right software on to the laptop, but I can't find the oomph to do that. So, sue me......

lace purl socks

First up, the lace purl socks. I really liked this pattern and will definitely do it again some time. No socks on the needles at the moment, a state of affairs that I am sure will not last long. I have some good stuff to choose from. but I need to do a few more samples for the class this summer, so it may be bags and wrist warmers for a while.



I was given lots of pretty beads for my birthday last year, and needing little instant gratification in my life, not to say a little colour, I very quickly strung these. No great shakes skillwise, but they are eyecatching and feel good to wear. I'm happy with that for now.


Then these are the ones from last year's holiday purchases. Two simple stringing pieces and then a simple spiral, so I managed to step it up a gear! I've not been beading for several months and I don't have the depth of skill-base that I can just slip right back in to it, so I need to do a bit of work building up again. All good fun for the kiddies, though. I fully intend to undertake a project rather more demanding in the near future

I'm not beating myself up. Craft is as ever my lifeline at the moment, fibre craft in particular, but working with beads, things of beauty, can help a lot too. Creating something with my hands, no matter how basic, is very restorative - well, we all know that, eh?

Hey de ho, onward and upward.


beadlizard said...

Thank you for posting photos! The spiral is lovely, the kind of thing that becomes a favorite because it will go with everything and feel comfy on the neck. My big gripe about beadwork is that people tend to over-do things. Your work is a showcase for the beads and will *look* good, too. Lovely! --Syl

Leigh said...

Very nice! I wholeheartedly agree about crafts and beauty. The two go hand in hand, don't they.