Monday, May 14, 2007

A totally whiny post with nothing but a few rows of garter stitch.

I just wrote this post, published it, too.

I put it on a private textile forum where it had no business to be. I now have shame to add to everything else, even though I did get it deleted before, I think, too much harm was done.

Never being one to waste effort, I tried to copy it before deleting, but bloody Blogger doesn' t seem to let you do that any more. Or maybe it is still me, as I still fell, let's face it, like crap.

That was one of the offences - bad langwidge. Carol said "fuck" in public, twice, in fact.

Let's go again more bare bones, I still need to whine, and just why the hell shouldn't I, want to make something of it? (Getting belligerent now, not sure what that means.)

Thursday morning, 6am the DSM had to wake me up from a peaceful slumber......on the bathroom floor.

Yeah, that was the first "O Fuck."

I'll spare the descriptions, should anyone still be hanging around. Gastric flu', in spades. I had fainted. The DSM, understandably freaked, not being able to raise the out of hours doctor, called an ambulance, because it took ages for me to be able to function enough to actually get myself up off the floor, not least because of the ensuing major panic attack. They do a good check - better than the alternative, which was a ride in to hospital. All the time, I was thinking, gads, now the neighbours will think he has had another heart attack.... I checked out ok for everything except the gastro.

I'll also draw a veil over the next couple of days, when lying down and a little gentle groaning were about the equivalent of a marathon.

Then, the DSM got it.

Double Fuck. There are times when you just hate the Multiverse..........

However, the aforementioned did grant a reprieve in the shape of himself not getting anywhere near such a bad attack, so now we are both making some progress. Although still feeling, well, let's be honest, vile, spiritually if not physically. It will go, I know, in Time. I'm just not doing patient very well at the moment.

And it took me until last night to manage even a little garter stitch knitting. Do Not Scream at me for this. It is the blue spindle spun yarn, and the rather nifty pattern from The Knit Stitch where you start with a triangle and then knit lengthwise, makes kind of like a little fichu. My theme at the moment is simple spinning, simple projects. I like it.

Oh, boy, that's it, I'm done. Energy all gone for now. But I am up to a little light soap opera watching.

And might even knit.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Sounds grim - glad to you're on the mend. Just watch the sopa operas don't make you sick again ;0)

fibergal said...

Water, rice, applesauce. Go slow. Sending good thoughts your way.