Monday, October 02, 2006

Still in the land of the living.....

I think.

Good news! The back half of the house has a roof! And therefore, we also have a window.


Still some work to be done making good, but hopefully, the smallish amount of rain that found its way in this morning will be the last - it was a very heavy rainfall, and the tiles weren't on.

Probably this is a very, very, exceedingly stupid thing to say, but if things go well and there is not too much rain this week, this could all be over and done with by the weekend. Possibly.

The bad news? I have the first cold of the season. Not really at all surprising given all the stress and upheaval, and better now than just as we are setting off for SOAR, but I could have done without it. It's a throaty thing, and I sound like a demented raven if I talk. So the DSM is having a nice peaceful time this evening......

It didn't stop us from going to Masham yesterday. Had a great time, saw lots of nice people, the weather was kind.

More sheep!

I am pretty certain these are shetlands. Very cute, anyway. The next up I never saw the labels for, but those noses look Leicesterish to me. Border?


No idea what these are, but a nice shot for atmosphere.

Judging at Masham

And just to prove that even as a devoted cat person I have no prejudice about dogs - this is Freyalynn's new baby. Very, very young, very cute and I could easily have kidnapped her!

Freyalynn's new baby

I was making the DSM ultra-nervous by muttering about how I would like to have some sheep, and if not sheep, we could get two kittens and a puppy together when the time came. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Finally - my very first rosettes! At the last minute, the DSM had persuaded me that I should enter a few things in the classes at Masham, I never had before. I'm not too displeased with the results, having literally spun my fancy yarn in an afternoon a couple of days before the deadline. I should say, not a huge amount of competition, apart from a couple of folk (you know who you are!) I'll maybe have another go next year.


I am such a show-off!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

When do you guys head off to SOAR?

Marie said...

There are two types of Shetland sheep that are horned. Good call!

Nice ribbons! I bet you're thrilled.

Have a ball at SOAR. I may see you next year since it's so close to home.