Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One FO and one very nearly FO

Here we have .....silk socks

silk socks

Finished 'em this morning. The photo does them rather more than justice, as the little plucks and fluffs caused by my knitting and also my knitting with pointed dpns instead of blunt ones doesn't show. The colour, on my monitor anyway, is pretty damn close. I might just be tempted to try another pair, our LYS has the same yarn and I rather fancy a cream pair. I'll maybe see how these wear, first. And it is always possible that this sockknittingfest will burn itself out......

Next up, I've decided, the Noro - if I don't get them finished before we leave for SOAR, doesn't matter. For travelling, I have the Regia wool/cotton, and my handspun Jacob now finished and washed. Should have done a photo of that.- oh, well, never mind. Hadn't spun Jacob for eons, and I am glad to see how different my spinning is! I also have some rather nice hand-dyed merino I bought off eBay, might slip that in as well. Just when I think I am going to knit other than on the loooooong flights, I know not - although I can knit when I'm not driving (you will be glad to hear). As the DSM gave in to my request for a hired SUV (just a smallish one, I hope!), I have promised to Do My Share this trip. And no, I don't feel like getting in to the argument just now, thankyouverymuch.

And the nearly FO? The roof!!!!! The very last tiles went on this morning, now they just have some pointing left to do, and the massive clear-up. Should all be done tomorrow, and the scaffolding down on Thursday as long as it doesn't rain too much. I just can't say how relieved I shall be, not only to have a good=looking and well-functioning roof before the winter sets in, but to have the crew gone. A nice bunch, pleasant and hardworking. But the constant bangbangbanging, smashing tiles landing in the skip, the clank of metal poles and roof ladders, whining cutters....the noise has seeped in to every nerve ending and twisted. Hard.

It means that I will have one week clear to get ready for our trip. I have barely even given it much thought, other than organising the necessary reservations &etc. Oh, and booking the necessary hair appointments (smirk.)

Washing, ironing, rounding up workshop essentials, packing. Hopefully we have back-up plans in place for dealing with the felines.

What is more, somewhere in all there we have a wedding anniversary. But by mutual agreement, we are not doing anything - we have sufficient excitement upcoming!

Two years time, though......it will be a different story.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hope you have a peaceful anniversary - and many more to come.

kimd said...

Happy aniversary to you both! What color will this year's highlights be?! I won't be at SOAR to see them in person, so please share. I will miss seeing both you and the DSM this year, especially since you skipped last year. It was the right choice, but I will still miss everyone. If my DH could only manage to pick the winning lottery numbers this week, then I could pop out and join the fun - don't hold your breath. Give Judith a hug for me, please.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi Carol
The fibre is indeed the Bonkers mix - deep purples, I can't remember what it is called.
I am glad that you appreciated that post - I am sick to my back teeth of attitudes to domestic violence. To be honest, I am so fed up that I am giving the topic a wide berth just now, but something came up at the Buddhist Centre and that darn woman would NOT let the subject drop. Next time I am going to (try to!) calmly say I don't want to talk about it - sometimes one has to stop bashing one's head off a brick wall for a while!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Meant to say - I haven't tried anything with the beta yet - so I can't really comment, although the good thing so far is that the post is 'live' immediately - no more of that silly (non) ticking clock thingy!