Sunday, October 08, 2006


I'm not, but in some ways I wish I were! It's been a long week, ending a tiring but most excellent day.

We were teaching at a nearby Guild, one we know and love of old. Wheel maintenance (originally booked as the DSM, but as he so rightly said, more my thing than his. Then the rest of it spindle spinning. Which went very well indeed, lots of participants, everyone including us seeming to have a good time.

Himself in action:

DSM teaching

And again:

DSM teaching

It had been intended just to do high whorling, including plying, but some of the overachievers asked us to look at Akha spindling as well. I left him to do that, my voice was beginning to creak a bit, plus I had various other queries to field. This is one of the really nice things about teaching together, we can divide our forces. For instance, I was showing one person how to do the Andean plying thing, and she simply could not get how to wind the singles around her hand, Could Not. I boiled it down to the minimum of extremely simple instructions, and even tried to get her to stop and think at the critical point, but nothing I could do was helping. So, I simply get himself to take over - gets me out of the predicament, true, but another eye, another mindset can just do the trick, and eventually, that is what happened. So, everyone happy, where's the harm!

We got home shortly before dark, and I just had time to take some photographs of the Virginia creeper, glowing in the low light.

It has been growing a bit, too! And please note the beech trees, from previous photographs, beginning to get a bit bald.

virginia creeper

virginia creeper

And I like the shapes in this one.

virginia creeper

We were pretty tired last evening, so were forced to down a bottle of Prosecco and order in an Indian takeaway. There was a Monty Python retrospective on the box, so putting all that together, it was a good end to a good day.

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