Monday, September 25, 2006

One day at a time

I'm friends with Flickr again, I'm glad to say. So here are some happy snappies.

First up, the silk sock.

silk sock

This is just a tad blurry (I hope - otherwise, it's me, but I suppose that has to be a possibility........) I think because I still am not used to the new camera and how close to get on what setting, if you see what I mean.

I am improving at not sticking the end of the dpn into the singles silk and making a nasty fuzzy mess. I am not finding this the easiest of yarns to work with.

Then, I couldn't resist starting another shawl.

Next shawl in progress

This is a nice soft handspun singles (I confess to running it back through the wheel to remove overtwist, but what the heck, it worked!) Lesson learnt here: consider very carefully when buying luscious multi-coloured batts just how they are going to perform when spun. This one was composed of fibres of different lengths, so it tended to spin up with the colours separating out. Thus, I have one skein with a lot of yellow, another with pink. I am alternating balls to allow for that. I don't think it was avoidable, at least not without a massive amount of effort and care in the spinning that would have made it not fun to do, but if anyone knows any different, I would be glad to hear about it.

Hey! Got an invitation to teach a cotton spinning workshop next March at a guild we know and love. Quite out of the blue. I'll tell you what, it's going to be a busy old year.

I've been sitting and knitting in the sitting room, by the window where there is of course most light. The builders don't seem to be over that part of the house yet, so it is marginally more peaceful. Just outside, there is a pyracantha, completely smothered in berries - it is that sort of year, we have elderberries across the lane, and the bush is festooned with blackbirds and wood pigeons, from time to time at least.

I had become aware of a funny little tapping noise off and on, and eventually realised that a robin was visiting the pyracantha and nibbling on the bright red berries. But that isn't all he is doing. He keeps tapping on the glass as well, seems to be aware that there is something the other side - but not of the two siamese cats that are keeping a sharp eye on him. I sat in a different chair for a while this afternoon,camera by my side. Worth the wait?

Robin at the sitting room window

Maybe I should make this one my Christmas card this year.


Leigh said...

The shawl yarn is gorgeous. Good for you for removing the overtwist! I've never worn silk socks before, but they really look lovely.

ewetopia said...

Nice pic of bird in berries. Sometimes the birds here become quite inebriated eating fermented pyracantha berries - keep your kitties in!