Saturday, September 23, 2006

Night owl, night owl

That's what I used to be, and at heart still am. So when the DSM is away, even though I make earnest resolutions not to stay up late, I somehow just do. I revert to type, yes.

Usually he is only away for one night at a time. It is I who occasionally takes myself off for anything up to a fortnight, although not for a while and not for the foreseeable future (I sadly realised that it was not an option to jet off to the atoll in the Maldives on the trip I saw advertised in the paper today, such a shame.) But here on night two, I find myself writing up a blog entry again, and the end of the day seems just right for it.

Dear Diary...well, maybe not.

I have had a lovely peaceful day after the clatter and bang of the last week. And a night spent in two-hour periods of reasonable slumber, waking myself up as usual two hours in, being bounced on two hours after that by my two friends - who spent most of the night sitting on my feet for reasons best known to themselves - and finally waking at 6.45 and leaping out of bed to go feed them before they awoke the Troll with their siamese roaring. I went back to bed, but slept no more.

I had to go to town to get a paper - can't miss out on my Saturday Grauniad, and so glad I didn't, there was a wonderful photograph of Meryl Streep on the front of the mag section, looking perfectly beautiful and I would swear unreconstructed. Yay for her. If she has a surgeon he must be the best gol'darnit one in the world, but I don't think so.

In town, I wandered for a while, few essential errands to be run, treated myself to rare visits to the seconds china shop, where I acquired two very pale pink (he's gonna love that!) pasta bowls, a lavender latte mug and two new little bowls for les mogs. Right next door is our tiny yarn shop, so I browsed there as well and succumbed to an autumn colour + glitz ball of Noro "Aurora" for no very good reason other than I felt like it. Fell in to conversation with the woman working in there today, and asked her if there was any hope of a Stitch'nBitch group starting up. Interesting - she fell on the idea, apparently had been getting crosser and crosser that the shop merely ticked over, and thought this could be just the thing to light a fire under the whole thing.

Back home, I have spent most of the day fiddling with a skein of Noro abaka yarn that I bought in Clapham. It's a bit of a pig. I bought it with a bag in mind, and felt that it would work to make a neck bag for the new iPod. I tried knitting, crochet, tunisian and back to knitting which is where I am at at the moment. Dare I say it, I actually think that it would look best woven but it would be such a little bit...not really right for the inkle loom, but what? Could it work on the rigid heddle, I wonder. Oh, groan, I do wish I had never had this particular thought.

Again, no photographs. I need to decide what to do about my Flickr account. I think I will cough up and upgrade, it's a cheap enough price and then we can get to see all the pics again.

Heigh ho.

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