Sunday, September 10, 2006

As you can see.......

....this is not Yorkshire.

Leaning tower of Nelson

Don't you just love the "Leaning Tower of Nelson"?

Big Ben

Another fairly iconic view.

We had an easy train ride down to London, only hit anything like trouble when we got on to the Tube bit of the journey when practically every line, especially the bits we needed, were experiencing difficulties or closed for maintenance. We also met a demented ticket machine, there were far too many people and it was very hot and airless.

So the first thing we did was fall into a restaurant and fortify ourselves with food and beer. Not too dusty, either.

After that, we walked down to Trafalgar Square which was very close, and was all we had time to do on this madcap whistlestop visit. We were muttering about what might be on the fourth plinth, not having read anything about it for ages, and I was really pleased to see that it was this:

Fourth plinth

I remember the ridiculous fuss about its selection for the fourth plinth, how inappropriate it was. I can't remember all the foot-shuffling that went on to attempt a justification for that opinion, but basically, the Establishment couldn't hack the notion of a strong, feisty, pregnant, disabled woman being in full public view instead of keeping her place discreetly out of sight somewhere. I could go on; but I will spare you a rant!

I would at this point be showing you one last picture, of a fountain in Trafalgar Square, but for some unaccountable reason Flickr has set its face against it and rejected it twice. I might try to find the time to play around with it tomorrow, try resizing it or something although I don't think it is any larger than most.

The play was brilliant and Rufus Sewell even more so, and I am not being silly. His performance was the best thing I have seen him do. Not, maybe, as many verbal pyrotechnics as in some Stoppard plays, but sufficient for me to have ordered a copy of the text from Amazon today. Very glad that we made the effort and went - even if it does now tour, we can always go again!

The entire day being taken up with travelling and theatre, little of a fibre nature took place. Except that we knitted socks, both of us, all the way down and all the way back and Not One Person made any comment whatsoever. Sometimes, I really don't understand the English!

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