Monday, June 28, 2010

Woolfest, primarily

I had all sorts of good intentions of blogging during last week. Yeah, right, who was I kidding? I was either chilling or talking. Not even so very much knitting and spinning happened. But, by golly, we had a good time!

This is the Cocker just above where we were staying. I didn't take many photos of the actual place as it is still being refurbished after the floods, and the river banks are still showing considerable disturbance. But not so great an omission as we shall be returning nest year.

The great treat was the goosander creche. I had no idea that this happened, but what we thought was a huge family of young is apparently the creche - one of the previous year's juveniles becomes the childminder for all the baby goosander on a stretch of river. I do not envy them the task - zoom, zoom, zoom all day long, they can't half go. The greatest fun to watch.

Lots of other birds, too, but we didn't spend all that much time at actual watching - the DSM had forgotten to pack my binoculars for one thing! Prime kingfisher territory, though, so next year.......

Woolfest. Well, what does one say. Always good.

Stall (detail).

Congenial neighbour.

Utterly adorable babies.

Norman Kennedy!

Items displayed on the Online Guild stand that had been made from samples spun during our "Spin to Knit" workshop last year at Summer School.

In brief, it was brilliant. Not as hot as last year, which was a considerable relief. Very busy on Friday, but quieter on Saturday. Our sales were good, though. Met loads of friends old and new, talked until we were hoarse. Bought more stuff from other vendors than we probably should have, but, hey, we will use it and enjoy.

Drove home as usual (having packed up more efficiently, maybe we did sell more...)via Kirkby Lonsdale for a meal at The Snooty Fox, but sadly, we assume that it has changed hands and it has gone off drastically. Whereas last year, the restaurant bit was booming, this year there was just us and the food was barely adequate. We ate, is all you could say about it. We need to find somewhere new for next year, which is a shame, because it was a good spot to just break the journey nicely when somewhat knackered.

I'm allowing myself another day of recovery plus knocking off a few lighter tasks before preparing for setting off again on Friday for our next summer adventure. Should be a lot of excellent blog fodder upcoming.

But, finally......

Magrat and friend - donkeys make great lawnmowers!

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Pearlesyarn said...

Hi Carol,
I'm planning on going to Woolfest for the first time next year and I'm soooo excited already; thanks for sharing your trip, it looks super. The river looks very inviting too (it's very hot here at the moment), can I ask you where you stayed?
Best wishes,