Thursday, July 22, 2010

What can I say?

I'm here, I'm alive, I'm awake (kinda). And I have no photos, don't all scream at me at once. One at a time would be quite enough!

I have been doing a lot of things, but not so much fibre work. There has been a little (very little) bit of spinning, both wheel and spindle; some sock knitting (and unknitting, as yet again I realised that I had picked up for the instep before turning the heel, not a good look - or fit).

I could take photographs of a bit of stash enhancement that has been going on, with having had to take trips to both Coldspring Mill (Noro Silk Garden sufficient for a garment, Debbie Bliss silk for small shawls and a free skein of Araucania sock yarn because we were spending so much); and Adelaide Walker (for dyed merino for a colourful S-spun-on-a-spindle-shawl; but also class supplies, so not all wicked indulgence.....) This all in the interests of entertaining our visitor, you understand.

Who most definitely deserved entertaining. An early riser, she got lumbered with feeding the starving, starving I tell you, trio of cats who could not believe their luck that there was someone up and active at 5.30!!, and willing to feed them (plus calling in those who were apparently AWOL, guarding Ole Snaggletooth and even cleaning up regurgitated breakfast on at least one occasion.

Above and beyond, I tell you.

It has been a grand couple of weeks. I also need to say thank you for the most brilliant courgette (ok, zucchini) recipe. Coarsely grate aforementioned and throw in to frying pan. Scatter with grated cheese. Eat. Only, I did embellish a bit - cooked courgettes more or less, then made four depressions in the veg and cracked an egg in to each. Cooked a bit more, added the cheese and then browned under the grill. I rather over-cooked the eggs - will know better, next time.

It looked really pretty in the pan, and I should have taken a photograph, but it would have gone cold whilst I got the camera.

Then there is the super-fiery-hot homemade salsa. We bought chilis (sp?). They are mild, we said, intending to use, as normal, only one or two. Only somehow a further couple of packs came home with us and got thrown in. And they were not all that mild. Still, it is great salsa, and the addition of creme fraiche a stroke of genius.

So, now. There are things afoot that will be discussed in due course. Meanwhioe, we are having a few days off, (apart from AH tomorrow). Then I am off to Knit Nation at the end of next week, which promises to be fun, and I will take pics. A friend is coming back with me for a couple of nights, and then the rest of August is scheduled to be holiday, except for the appointment with the eye doc that I am trying not to think about.

There are ideas buzzing around in the brain about Projects - I am hoping that some time off will allow these to develop and just maybe even get started.

I may even write the odd blog post. Actually, I shall take the notebook to London, so there may even be some on-the-spot-reporting.


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Dorothy said...

I hope the cats aren't demanding that 5.30 am breakfasts continue! Lucky you going to Knit Nation, have fun.