Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Works in progress

I was taken severely to task on Sunday at Bear Knitters for not having enough photographs on the blog lately. (I should also say, before I forget, that it was an excellent session. Very varied conversation, to say the least, and a great group of people.)

There have been reasons for this. One is now sorted - we have a booster aerial installed on the desk top, which has improved the signal no end (and strangely, seems to be improving the lap top as well, although I really don't see how that could be the case.) So, uploading images to Flickr is not longer the horrendous lottery that it was. Tick one.

The other reason is, that although I am steadily plugging away at all the usual activities, nothing is getting finished (somewhat bigger/lengthier projects than usual). So, maybe some interim shots of progress are called for?

So, here we go:

The upstairs sock. Picot top, weird heel treatment courtesy of the DSM. I knew I should have trusted my own instincts...Very nice yarn from The Yarn Yard.

Angora/silk on the Timbertops. Blindingly white in the light from the window. Still a pain to spin, I long for it to come to an end.

The Spiral Throw, in Noro. Plain vanilla knitting, but curiously comforting. I have loads of yarn - this is going to be one big blanket!

Alpaca and something from Fibrespates, being spun on one of my Golding spindles. Nice to do; probably destined for a scarf, if there ends up being sufficient yardage. Aimed at being a class sample.

And finally, Summit. Growing quite satisfactorily. I'm really pleased with the yarn, and given that this pattern has what could be a possible weakness in wear with the dropped stitches, I think very suitable for this project, as it is a good strong yarn whilst being pleasant to handle. Again, it is going to take a while to finish, I'm only halfway through one of three large balls, but it needs to be a good size to wrap around, after all.

I do have another pair of socks I want to cast on, and I am still browsing the amigurumi book (sorry!) Although the fit of startitis has cooled, it has not entirely vanished. More likely pushed aside in favour of Woolfest preparations. Are we ready? No we are not! (But we will be.) And AH on Friday, just to add to the brew. That is going to be interesting....I will try to report back if I have time and/or a signal. I'm hopeful of having internet access in Cockermouth, but not very.....

So, there's all the news that's fit to print at the moment. There is a lot coming up over the next couple of months. All good fun for the kiddies......

Oh - and can anyone tell me why Blogger's apparent spell check button now does this?


Fluzz said...

Hoooray for photos! :)

You've just reminded me that I wanted to look at your Rav library, mmmmmm, books!

Charlene said...

The spiral throw is fabulous! I love it. Is it your own invention or a pattern I can get my grubby little hands on?

Barbara Blundell said...

Funny things with minds of their own seem to be inhabiting these computers. Perhaps spell checker is weary of his mundane task and had aspirations to be a censor or even a features editor.
The day of the week has taken over my task bar and made it double in size.I dont always know the date but I usually know the day so its superfluous. I can get rid of it but it takes all the other informaion with it.
Do you think something nasty like a revolt or a state of anarchy is afoot and these two are in cahoots??