Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dye Day

The Friday AH day was a dye day. And also, an experiment. Managing numbers had been a growing problem, and after a lot of discussion and talk, the powers that be offered me a teaching assistant - if I could find one.

Some few seconds of cogitation, and the blindingly obvious finally occurred to me. And so we had a trial run on Friday - the DSM came along. We thought tat it was well worth a go, we do of course often teach together. For the remainder of this year, he has enough leave to take if necessary - next year might require a bit more thinking about. But anyway, it solves the problem for a while.

It went really well. He took the three beginners, and I oversaw the dyeing. He enjoyed himself, and I did, and I think everyone else did, too.

Here we have the enormous vat of cow parsley. I had gathered it the day before and boiled it up, getting an extremely unprepossessing looking brown scummy liquor. But adding the alum mordant seemed to perk things up, and the resulting colour was an eye popping yellow that everyone, including me, loved. I think the cold winter and now the better than usual summer probably has something to do with it.


I had promised them indigo. I went hunting on the shelves, withoout finding much - then right at the back, I found aq supply of somewhat ancient instant indigo. I had no great hopes of it working, but it still smelt like.....indigo, so I did a quick test. And lo!! It did work.

So, I mixed up a strong vat, and let them loose. Much happy playing went on - indigo does that to people

So, we went home tired but happy - and then got up bright and early the next morning to pack to come up to Cockermouth and a few days peace before Woolfest. The weather thus far is utterly fantastic, and the cabin we are renting comfortable - right by the Cocker, which is why, of course, it is only just restored after being inundated. I will have photographs when I can get my camera back from the DSM, who is rediscovering his youth out on the fells. I'm happy - sunshine, coffee, a good internet connection, knitting....bliss!

We have already eaten at our favourite vegetarian restaurant, and spent a very happy few hours with a very old friend, her grown up daughter and two gorgeous grandbabies (and you don't very often hear me say that!) Called in at the Woolclip, too, and spent too much money. And that's even before Woolfest.....

And I am dragging the DSM round all the good ice cream spots we found last year.......

I may never want to go home!

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Nurtured said...

Oh how wonderful - I'm missing Woolfest this year - enjoy your quiet time before the madness starts.