Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some progress and a spindle

Only some; nothing dramatic. I continue to spin the angora/silk. The amount in the bag does not seem to diminish.....

The spiral throw/blanket is growing nicely. I really must photograph it. Trouble is, as it grows, it takes longer and longer to complete the circuit and therefore to up the number of ordinary rows to short rows, so it seems as if I am getting slower and slower. I think that probably final size is determined by how much willpower one can summon up to carry on as much as anything.

But I am spending more time on the "Summit" wrap (which also needs photographing) as the construction is so fascinating. It is actually very simple, little more than stocking stitch, but in the yarn I am using it is quick to work and I love watching the curves grow. (I tried adding a link, but Blogger is not co-operating for some reason - it is in the current Knitty, anyway.)

What I do have a photograph of is this.

Nigerian spindle

Nigerian spindle

I had some visitors wanting to talk about spinning this afternoon, and one of them brought this spindle to show me. It is Nigerian - she did tell me the exact origin, but I am ashamed to say I have forgotten. Very crudely made, very heavy, but spins surprisingly well. As you can see, just a not totally straight wooden shaft, and an iron "whorl", also uneven, and roughly welded together. Fabulous.

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