Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I've been brave....

I was asked to get a photograph of something to go with a Journal review I have done, so I risked using the camera. I survived, sadly found no lurking Herdwicks, but the poor camera is even more eccentric than before. So I really must get it over to Halifax to be looked at.

Anyway, enabled me to play catch up a little bit, and to gloat/swoon/drool at what arrived in this mornings post (not a good photo, but the others were even worse, so it will have to do.)

The latest yarns off the Timbertops. The green is the mohair blend that might or might not go with what's on the needles at the moment, if I need it (or might not - until I finish stage one, see what yarn I have left, what I might fancy doing to make it other than a stocking stitch waistcoat, I shan't know.) The other is the mix of - um, and here I am having a major senior moment, but I think merino, bamboo and nylon from Traci Bunkers . I know it is a new blend, and I am assuming that it is nylon because I have spun it three ply for socks - but if and when the label turns up, I can be definite! It was super to spin, anyway. Knitting it up - we shall have to wait a while and see, as I have a queue.......

While I was photographing those -


Got a super shot of Neelix. I actually checked his pedigree form the other day, and he is thirteen. Skinny as a rake, despite the large intake of food (the vet talks about the Siamese gene in spades) but not so dusty for an old guy. Still beautiful!

But then - my Golding spindles arrived. Oh. My. God. What little beauties. I do, of course, already have a few Goldings, but I am always taken unawares by their qualities. These are small and delightful, just their bog standard (hah!) range, ebony and walnut, but so well crafted, and they spin, I dunno.

Golding ebony/walnut spindles

I also have to say - super service. Emails replied to promptly, spindles dispatched when promised. Two weeks door to door, so to speak. Hell of a lot better than some I could mention.......

So, the project can continue. These are little spindles, which I suppose is silly in a way, but there we go. It will just have to take me a long time to complete. I have a small amount of lovely cormo fleece that I was given at SOAR, so that is my fibre of choice for this. It is washing as I speak, and then will be hand combed. There should be plenty for a little lace shawl (yes, I know....)

I am feeling very virtuous - I have cleaned downstairs now (well, kind of) and made a huge vat of soup for supper - and for tomorrow's supper as well, as I am having a day out and an evening out and didn't want to have to cook in between the two.

Maybe the cormo will be ready on Friday.......

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Dorothy said...

I only read half this post before I was off to Golding's and found they also make the most amazing spinning wheels!! True works of art. Nearly equal to Neelix for style and elegance.