Monday, March 15, 2010

Mish mash

I'm energetically spindle spinning still, but not as yet with anything further to show or report. But other stuff arises (and I shall probably not make any apology for gratuitous cat photographs.....)

Firstly, this.

Great, or what, on many levels. I so wish I could get to see it, but unless it tours, it is unlikely. It is going to challenge our perceptions of older people, of Shakespeare, of theatre in general (although it has to be said that theatre has always been one of the arenas where age was no bar to appreciation of skill, talent and so on.

Now, that was a grand way to start the day!

I've been meaning to burble on about podcasts for ages. I've been an addict for a long time, and have always been particularly pleased when British ones have appeared. I used to enjoy BritKnitCast (and have never forgotten going to have a post-flight rest, newly arrived in San Francisco, and hearing a Guild friend's voice in my ear!) Sadly, that disappeared some time ago. As did Knitcast, although that has just regenerated. Knitty Nora's Knitting Natter comes and goes, and all power to her elbow - I'm always grateful when the mother of relatively new twins can find the time to burble in my ear! Then came - and long may she continue - the wonderful Electric Sheep from Hoxton Handmade. If you have never heard this, do give it a go. I should maybe warn that there are a few more "ums" than one might choose, but really, it soon is forgotten - the podcast is very funny, intelligent and irreverent, and a highlight of my listening week.

And now there is another highly promising new kid on the block, Yarns from the Plain (the Cheshire Plain, to be exact, so not a million miles from home)that I am enjoying mightily. All we need now is a UK based spinning/fibre podcast, but no, it ain't going to be me any time soon!

The benchmark, of course, has always been Cast On, which although on hiatus at the moment, remains a firm favourite. The most professional of all, and straddling both sides of the Atlantic, as Brenda Dayne is an American domiciled in Wales. So best of both worlds, really.

I confess to other regular favourites from further afield, though - Sticks 'n String and Cogknitive, in particular, although I also sometimes listen to Lime and Violet (although that is way less appealing than it used to be and rapidly disappearing up its own fundament) and also Stitch It! (although I am not always sure why.....)

But before anyone thinks I spend all my time glued to my iPod, I mainly listen to these as I settle down to sleep - if for no other reason than that the device switches itself off at the end of a podcast, whereas with an audiobook, it just moves on to the next, meaning that I end up lawd knows where in the story with a flat battery. (Kind of the story of my life, really......)

I haven't given urls for any of these, they are all on iTunes.

OK, the unapologetic cat pics.

Barni just adores being under things, but he might not have chosen Neelix!

Slightly fuzzy, my fault, not his, although he could be forgiven after all that squashing. But I rushed to get the photo of the resigned expression before he moved.

That's all, folks......


amyfibre said...

Oh, Carol! That pic of Neelix and Barni is just too funny. Every once in awhile, Frannie will be under the bedclothes and Zoe will leap on her, not realizing she's there. It creates such an enormous kerfluffle as they straighten themselves out. But to have two settled so peacefully, one on top of the other....too, too funny!

Janet said...

Would love to see that play. What a positive article - thanks for the referral.