Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More spindling

My camera first. I took it to the shop a few days ago, and of course, it behaved itself absolutely perfectly. If there is a fault, not realistic to have it repaired because of the cost.

How I hate that!!!

So, I recharged the battery, and will continue to use it unless and until. It switched itself on a couple of times just now, but my hand/finger was near the button each time, so unclear - I think that maybe there is a slightly loose connection causing the problem, and that sooner or later I will have to get a new camera, but the good news was that they have gone down in price, so it would be doable.

Anyway. I have been doing a lot of spindling. I started out as I said I would by hand combing the cormo, but found that hard going for some reason. So I broke out my Peter Teal combs. Now, I had been idly considering selling those, as I had used them so rarely, but doing the cormo has disabused me of that notion. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed using them, and the lovely prep that comes off them even if you do it in a slack and idle manner not at all according to the approved, and excellent, Teal method!

This is how far I have got to date.

I had meant to do another photo showing the yarn, relative dimensions and so forth, but, hey, I forgot. To give some idea, this is a small Golding, not much more than six inches long. The yarn is fine and smooth - well, except where it has been Got At. Last time I picked this spindle up, the yarn had developed a whole load of little curls over the cop. And actually, the other spindle was half way across the room.

Now, just who could have perpetrated such a crime, I ask myself? H'mm.......

But when the culprit is that beautiful, I find I can forgive it most things - at least there were no teeth marks on the spindle shafts........

Other than that, things trundle slowly on. We have been enjoying a patch of lovely spring weather - cold, but mostly sunny, and the signs of spring are all around - birds much more tuneful, crocuses popping up, catkins on trees and hedges, ghastly old bones being dragged home through the cat flap.

Better that new bones, I guess.

Onward and upward.....

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beadlizard said...

I think the cats believe, in their perverse catten way, that they are *helping* when they do that...

Combs + Cormo = heaven.