Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is sprung

Actually, today is a bit grey and mizzle-ish, but all of a sudden there are lots of daffodils out - crocuses have been so for a few days now. There are catkins bobbing on twig ends, reminding me of primary school days when we used to go out and gather them for the "Nature Table" in the run up to Easter.

For quite a while now we have been enjoying a cock blackbird sitting over the other side of the lane singing away at all hours, starting quite early in the morning. He has a particularly penetrating call, so we can easily hear him through closed windows; but other birds are tuning up now, and it won't be all that long before a real dawn chorus gets going.

We had a small, spring-related mystery last night. Getting ready for bed, with the window newly opened, we both of us quite distinctly and definitely heard a lamb bleating. Now, this is not at all an unusual thing, but we had neither of us noticed any sheep and lambs being put in to the meadow opposite - but when we went to look this morning, there was nary a one to be seen. In any nearby field! Ghost lamb? Or one wandering? We shall never know.

Ruby. Ah, Ruby. She has discovered the pond (aka "bucket", yes, I know....) She keeps on arriving in the porch with her latest trophy. So far, several pieces of duckweed-encrusted polystyrene, a ditto plastic bag (so good of her to clean the damn thing out for us....) And two frogs. Separately. Two at once would be beyond even Madam Ru, I think. Such fun. I await, trembling, the spring crop of baby bunnies.

Still spindling, and will report more thoughts on that subject soon. But I've got an Alston class with the focus on spinning for and knitting socks on Friday, so as well as sorting out supplies, books, thoughts on my usual sock knitting habits, I thought that I had better provide information and hopefully examples of two circs and magic loop.

Well, I have printouts from the internet, but in all other respects, total failure. I really did go in to it believing that of course I could do it, I just preferred not to. Not. Total failure. Ah, well. I have cast on for a picot cuff - it can be my next sock on the needles anyway, a super yarn from Natalie at The Yarn Yard from Woolfest last year, Tasteful and elegant shades of grey brown and creamy white rather than my more common screaming pinks, greens, purples and reds. I'm going to enjoy these.


Dorothy said...

I wonder if Ruby will tire of catching frogs when the novelty wears off? Or, just graduate to catching bunnies. Did you know cats were introduced to Australia in an attempt to control rabbits? Partially successful, but the cats eat all sorts of wonderful little native wildlife creatures and birds too.

beadlizard said...

The two circs and magic loop methods drive me nuts. Life is too short for inefficient knitting.

I had a rabbit- and quail-eating cat back in the 80's. He was magnificent, but rather hard on the wildlife.