Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random jottings for the week ending 28.02.10

With no photographs. Because my camera is haunted. srsly. It will sit there, and switch itself on, when I am feet away from it. Or switch itself off when I have switched itself on, and then spontaneously go on again. I could use it, and then immediately remove the battery again, which is my temporary solution, a kind of digital age garlic, I suppose. But I confess to being ever so slightly afraid of what the resulting image might be - I do not want a dark, fuzzy, horned beast, or gauzy white ectoplasmic entity infesting my Flickr account........

Can you tell I am feeling silly? Adrift on the back of a minor tsunami in a coracle? Never fear, I do know that all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well, but I wish it would all jolly well hurry up!

So. A social week, with therefore a lesser quantity of crafting. Book Group, a day out taking lunch to an old Coven friend and a visit from my sister yesterday. We finally got to sort out her knitting problem, and I gave her the Roseland Bags "Cosy Cats" bag I had bought for her a while back. And one for myself, dammit. And, o buggrit, I had to go to the web site to get the url, and saw yet more I am now lusting after. Dancing Horses, and Diamante and Feathers sock project bags, for instance. Groan. Anyway, I just happened to mention that I might be destashing some yarn soon, if she might be interested, and she didn't say no.

I also need to celebrate an absolutely kick-arse veggie "moussaka" (quotes because I wouldn't want to offend any Greek cooks out there - this is my own thrown-together-based-on-an-idea-by moussaka). I confess to using Quorn mince. I used to use green or brown lentils, but the texture isn't quite right. So that, an onion, a tin of tomatoes, a few elderly mushrooms left over (optional), a little sherry, a little stock, handfuls of whatever dried herbs come to hand, garlic, lashings of cinnamon. Potato slices. Aubergine, of course! A Bechamel sauce made with soya milk because there was some left in the fridge from something else, and handfuls of good cheddar on top. Bung in the oven until it looks done.

Oh, yum. And, fortunately, yum all over again for lunch today, as there were leftovers, and not too much because we are off to have dinner in York with old and dear friends. They so very kindly come up to visit my mater occasionally.

I have spun. Lots on spindles, some on wheels. I finsished some green mohair blend batts that I had hoped might go with the previously spun green mohair from Rhinebeck that I am at present knitting. Not sure. The knitting has progressed a bit. I am simply knitting, no pattern, and I do know how stupid that is, but I can't seem to help myself. I will Confess All in due course.

OK, that's it. The rest of the week happened, but is not blogworthy or in some cases bloggable as yet. The weather has been pretty unspeakable, now that any snow that falls (and yes, it is still happening) has reverted to being the more usual British kind that immediately turns to evil brown slush.

I wonder what Spring will be like :D

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Barbara Blundell said...

Carol,are there any strange photos of Herdwick sheep on your camera ?