Sunday, February 21, 2010


Woke up this morning (ta da!) to this:

The view from the bedroom window, with the window firmly closed, and me on the inside. It is very, very cold. And I still like it......

This is forecast for most of the week, which might put the kibosh on some of my plans, as we didn't get the DSM's car out of the lane, so it will now be stuck. Ah, well, nothing that can't be rearranged.

We have had flurries around most of last week, but nothing very much. Although, Friday was an AH day, and going over the top road to Burnley, there was quite a bit. Anyway, as I write this, it is snowing again!

AH was pretty quiet, we had fewer people than usual, but two of the four new spinners returned, which was nice. I was rather late leaving, having to have a meeting with a staff member about the weekend coming up in the summer, but had hoped to get home over the top way as it was such a light afternoon, but fate intervened in the shape of an accident on my route, and I ended up having to get myself through Burnley with no map, painfully aware of the paucity of road signs, in the dark. Somehow, I contrived, but it made me all the more keen to acquire a GPS!

Saturday was Guild, again a really good day. No speaker, although many were being led in a felting exercise. I spent quite a bit of time fettling wheels for people, but then managed to get some time with my spindle whilst chatting. We were talking about "innovation" in the fibre arts, which our new Chairperson want s as the them for next year's workshops leading to an exhibition to celebrate the Guild's 30th birthday. Many of us are, I fear, going to freak - it should be more about "tradition", will be said. But the more I thought about it, the more I could see some good possibilities for interesting workshops.

Neither of us slept well last night - partly because of over-energetic young snowshoes bouncing around - so we are having a lazy Sunday. Sundays always used to be like that in my youth. I would be packed off to Sunday School, or church, maybe; well, that's a thing of the past! But then we either visited grandma, or spent the afternoon watching some crumbling fillum on the telly. I looked - there's nothing on. Well, except, coincidentally, an elderly Western! But I think I have grown out of those.

Tea, music, iPod, spinning.....and watching the snow fall.


m said...

We woke to something similar yesterday morning, but I didn't think to take photos. It was good for snowballs, and snowmen, but was thawed by early afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like our weather. I can't wait for it to all go away. :)