Monday, September 21, 2009

Yet another scarf

The scarf knitted from the camel and silk has been finished - knitting and dyeing. This is the "before" version:


I had originally thought that a teal/blue sort of colour would look nice. But I sat and stared at it for a while, and thought to myself that the natural colour was beige, which would tend to dull down those colours. Whilst something in the gold/red/.....tawny would be enhanced.

Tawny, of course, being inspired by the season.

So I dragged out the famous free dyes liberated from the former carpet factory to see what I had, and then flew entirely by the seat of my pants. A quarter teaspoonful of "Bordeaux" with a tiny bit of "(something) yellow. Eyeballed in the container when mixed with a little water, it didn't look right. Bit more yellow - nah. Sprinkle in a little bit more - yeah!

Don't you just love my scientific method of dyeing?


But I just love the colour I got. Maybe my instincts aren't so dusty? After all, I don't need to exactly duplicate this colour, and I could get into the same ball park, all the while the dyes last.

Today didn't turn out quite as I had imagined. I had completely forgotten that a friend was coming over, and had just finished leaving her a lengthy answerphone message to say that I didn't feel so great with the cold and that the DSM had to have an emergency visit to the dentist, when she arrived.


Still, it all worked out just fine - the three of us had a nice lunch out, and a bit of a chat, did a bit of knitting (all three) and it gave him a some respite from worrying about his doomed tooth. Which will likely come out on Friday, when his INR had been checked, because the sensible dentist doesn't want to yank it if the DSM is then going to exsanguinate in the chair! It's a shame, they have worked hard over the years to save the gnasher, but have finally lost the battle.

Sorry if that is TMI - blame it on me being sat here writing blog posts at some stupid hour again.

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Dorothy said...

Camel and silk.. bet that feels lovely, I like the rusty autumn colour.