Thursday, September 10, 2009

If you ask nicely.....

....sometimes you get your wish!

For the last two days, the sun has shone brilliantly and pleasantly warmly. and we are promised at least one more day, I think - but whatever, it has been gorgeous.

I made good use of it. Yesterday, I went over to East Riddlesden Hall to meet two old college friends for lunch, a wander round and a good chat. I hadn't been for ages, and the Trust have done a lot to the garden since the last time. It was looking lovely on such a beautiful day.

East Riddlesden

East Riddlesden


We think this was a delphinium, although a sort of "grandiflora" version, perhaps?

Japanese anemone

And these are always favourites of mine.

After a sun-inspired burst of responsibility, I treated myself to a couple of hours in our own garden, mostly knitting the faux Spanish lace shawl, but doing a tiny bit of weeding - I would have done more, but it was too hot! (At least, that is my excuse....) There are pretty things to see there, as well.



And things are getting very autumnal.

Virginia creeper

As I said, I have been knitting, and I am spinning too. I started sampling the Bowmont x Shetland, which I have yet to ply and wash. The staple length is a bit variable, but mainly quite short. It is going to need quite a bit of prep, proper combing - the dog comb wasn't sufficient. It is a little bit - well, not neppy, possibly slightly cotted. Combed and dizzed off, it is going to be lovely, though.

Bowmont x Shetland

And I have spent a few hours with the Whitefaced Woodland roving that is so nice to spin - actually, this batch is very slightly bitty, too, but not enough to spoil the pleasure. while I spin, I keep mulling over how I am going to knit it up, but nothing definite rises to the surface yet.

Tomorrow, I am off to lunch with Magrat, and visiting Adelaide Walker, strictly in the line of duty you understand. I have a couple of workshops coming up that I need supplies for, and a project that I have in mind for future workshops. Or something.

Yes, really. It's a hard life, but there you go. I'm nothing if not conscientious!

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Jennifer said...

Hard to tell in a small picture but the 'delphinium' might be a baptisia of some sort. Envy you the ability to go wander such a lovely garden.