Sunday, September 20, 2009

(watch this space)

I don't know what title to use for this post. Perhaps by the time I have finished writing it, inspiration will have struck? Or not?

We had a great day yesterday, teaching a spinning workshop. We were revisiting "old friends", always a pleasure. But I had taught a spinning workshop with them previously, and wanted to be careful not to repeat too much, whilst at the same time giving those who were new to the Guild (and newish spinners) something to get their teeth in to. So we did basics in the morning and then played with spinning colourful yarns in the afternoon.

fibre frenzy

We had fun!

I did really enjoy it, which considering I have something of a cold sort of thing, is good going. Ah, well, get it out of the way before our trip.......

Speaking of colour -

more autumn colour


The virginia creeper is turning the most glorious shade of red. This is one of the compensations for the summer ending and autumn beginning - all the wonderful reds and tawnies. Our foliage is by and large not overly spectacular these days - I am sure that woodland used to blaze with colour much more than it does now. (Unless that is in the same false memory folder as those long, hot summers of our youth?) But there is fabulous colour to be seen still here and there.

And, finally, colour in a finished object!

These are the fingerless mitts from Felt Studio UK's batts that I bought at Woolfest.

glitzy mittz

I had envisaged some slightly different originally, longer and more ornamented, but in the event, the way the yarn turned out (very nicely) that didn't seem so appropriate, and I ended up with something rather more functional. I do actually have a small amount of the yarn left, so I might try out a less functional and more decorative neck piece. (Long pause for cogitation.)

No inspiration has struck for a title, though, and my head is feeling decidedly muzzy. Lunch, and then I shall drag my sorry arse and my knitting out in to the garden for a while, as The Sun Is Shining!!


beadlizard said...

Those fingerless mitts are a perfect marriage of grist and colour. Beautiful!

Fluzz said...

AH-ha, so maybe it is you I should blame for my lovely cold that has struck this weekend?

Probably the other way round really, dirty dirty children and their bugs.

dianna rubidge said...

It is rather reassuring to look out at my virginia creeper blazing against the drab fence post and know that, although you are across the world, you are seeing the same beauty.