Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heigh ho

Twelve o' the clock and all's well.

Not exactly. I'm awake, when I don't want to be.

Being awake and a'doing at midnight is fine and dandy when you have said to yourself "OK, so I'm a night owl (true) and I am going to stay up until the wee smalls doing this and that joyously selected from the catalogue of Things I Like To Do. But when you have settled down all comfortably curled up with the usual suspects who share the bed with you, listened to one and a half podcasts and - bammo - suddenly you are totally conscious and unsleepy with wee, wandering aches in various parts of your anatomy. Well, that's a bummer.

So, the philosophy these days is to get up, do something from the next day's "to-do" list (which can't be noisy, otherwise the DSM gets disturbed, so boring vacuuming is out) (And so is making the phone calls on tomorrow's schedule, for, obviously, the same reason.)

Hence, a blog post, albeit a photoless one as crashing around the house gathering the necessary would likewise be ditto.) To be followed by some spinning. All washed down with a nice cup of herb tea. Which I could, more pretentiously, call a tisane.

I am probably awake and slightly aching because of having been at a Valley Fibres meeting. The chairs are not the most comfortable in the world, and neither is the wheel I took, the Little Gem. Is there such a thing as the perfect travelling wheel? I ask myself by the way. Anyway, a very pleasant evening, talking about spinning, and wheels, and people's alpacas. And the recently discovered knitting group in HB, which is to be investigated tomorrow evening, by someone else, not me - though I will probably try to get there soon.

And Sunday was the Bear knitting group, another lovely relaxed occasion. Good company and dam' fine cake, going some way to not having Thursday evening cake, as the coven is otherwise occupied at the moment and so not convening. Can a coven convene? I rather like the sound of that.

Went to Adelaide Walker last Friday, for (mainly) workshop supplies. I was reasonably restrained. Although I might have to go back before we leave for SOAR, as SueB has made a request for cashmere which can't be fulfilled at present but maybe can within the time. Such a hardship.

The same current projects have been worked upon - the Whitefaced Woodland is spinning up fast and satisfactorily, and I should soon be able to do some more dyeing; the green and purple mitts make slow progress, and I have decided that the top bit on the completed one is too big, so I am making some decreases in the second which means that the first is going to have to be frogged back to just above the thumb. No biggie; if I could just spend some solid time on them, they would be done in a trice.

But no - I start another mini-project. The pretty dyed Polwarth that I S-spun and left as singles for crochet is being crocheted. Into a bag, what else. Which will be lightly felted. It is nice to work, and I very much like the way the colour behaves and appears in double crochet (that's UK double crochet....) So much so that I am exceedingly tempted to grab one of the kilos that is meant to be stock and do it all for a more major project. I could really do with a new waistcoat.......

So, that's the news that's fit to print. Now for a little soothing spinning......

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