Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving on....

The battery charger for the camera battery has disappeared. I wish I would stop losing things, not all of which turn up again. Mind you, the DSM is probably now worse than I am. Last night, he was thrashing around in the sitting room plaintively demanding "where are my glasses?" and I was (ahem) paying the appropriate amount of attention. Until suddenly the question stopped, and he did have the grace to roar with laughter, because his glasses case was in his hand.

We seem to have reached that stage. Uh huh.

I meant to take a photograph of the purple shawl, but I forgot (what was I just saying?) Perhaps I will simply wait until it is completed - I can't have many more rows of body to do, and hopefully will be able to take it on the latest flying visit to Cornwall this weekend to work on.

I continue to spin the white faced woodland. And have just dyed a couple of skeins of it. I was given a small quantity of bits of walnut hull - I am not a great fan of dyeing with walnut, unless it has been gathered by me or a friend, as this was. After all, there are lots of nice natural coloured fleeces around, so why dye brown? Although this is quite a pretty colour.

Walnut dyed yarn

Then, at AH on Friday, there was this ginormous Masham fleece, which somehow clambered in to the car and came home with me. Not the greatest of fleeces, probably ram by the....aroma....and looks maybe a bit coarse. But I have only washed a tiny bit so far, and it may prove better inside the giant bundle. But I wanted actual fleece for "the project" whatever that turns out to be, and there it was.


(OK, can someone tell me why the Snowshoes lick things like shiny cardboard, photographs, glossy magazines? What possible nutrient can they be lacking that could be this supplied? One of them has just been at the recycling pile next to the pc. Weird little animals!)

Ah was a good day, as ever, with no less than three beginner spinners. Unfortunately, only one of them got it in the time. Though for once, I am not blaming myself! On the way home, I remembered that I am signed up for Maggie Casey's teaching spinning class at SOAR - I shall see if I can raise the problem I encountered with her. If anyone can help, Maggie can!!

Saturday was a bright and glorious day. We went to my niece's housewarming and birthday party for a while, and I am thrilled to announce that she has won a prize!
For this. It is a little startling to one of my generation, but I genuinely like it a lot. It has her signature wit, and I like her fascination with the things that are overlooked or discarded. Anyway we sat in the garden for a while, and then had to depart early because we had tickets for the first opera of the season. Werther, by Massenet, which I didn't know and had not expected to like, but did. Apart from wanting to slap Werther for being so daft as to shoot himself for love of an unattainable woman. The music was super, though, great performances. And just nice to be back in the theatre.

Sunday we were pretty tired, and chilled out - how nice - we have managed a few days ike that recently, which can't be bad.

So - now. Do I go on a battery charger hunt, or spin?


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Barbara Blundell said...

No contest. Spin . (The Battery Charger will turn up somewhere unexpected - perhaps in Snowshoes basket- or the bin ) Found THIS unusual and fascinating