Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You just have to take the rough with the smooth

So yet again I am spending way too long sitting at the dam' computer - or rather, computerS. I wanted to upload some photographs and now, NOW, dammit, the Digimax is no longer talking to the laptop!!!

Back to hunting for drivers on teh interwebs, none of which do I seem to be able to find, just lots of software that will tell me that I am missing drivers. Only in the case of my Samsung driver, apparently it is something different, and at this point my brain started to curdle and my ears bleed. So, for now, I am giving up. I may go back to the camera shop and ask their advice again. Although they were ever so slightly dismissive last time, there was a definite edge of "oh, the little old lady with her problem." Of course, I could get the DSM to do it - or would that be cheating?

This means that I cannot show you the evidence of my triumph. I have finished Spiraluscious!!!

(I am sorry about all the !!!, which I generally try to be extremely sparing with, but it is a mark of the strong emotions being engendered here today.)

Anyway, yes, it is indeed done. I took it with me on my course last week as relaxation for the evenings, got over half way with it, finidhed it off during the week all bar the Kitchenering. I had to wait for spousely help with that (it fries my brain.) But, completed last night, and ends sewn in today.

And photographed in the lovely spring sunshine, but we've been there already.......

I'll drag the Fuji out again, I think. I don't want a totally photoless blog.

Other news. Remember the missing scarlet bra? It turned up. Um. In the stash. As to how it got there, I have absolutely no idea, none whatsoever. Personally, I blame Barni.

And speaking of cats, thank, many thanks to all those who left me messages about Maxie. The DSM, the other mogs and me all miss him, but it is all part of life's rich pattern. Ruby was the funniest, she was definitely aware that something had changed, she kept stalking around on the bed on Friday night glaring at the DSM's lap where Max should have been. And the snowshoes have suddenly turned into lap cats. Although that could have something to do with not having the central heating on so much....I suppose!


beadlizard said...

I had been wondering about the bra... I have done that before. If I have an idea late at night when I'm getting ready for bed and I go upstairs and start digging around in the bins, well, I tend to leave bits of clothing behind.

None of the trees in the neighborhood have lichen. I'll ask my dad if he knows of a place where it's legal to gather. (He's quite the hiker, often doing 8-15 miles twice a week with his geezer buddies.)

Good luck with the camera and computers. Such frustrating creatures, perhaps because they are manmade? I have a pile of photos to add to already written blog posts but I go upstairs to the main computer and get distracted by things like filing or DD's dirty laundry or the wicked stash... --syl

Leigh said...

I don't envy you this computer "adventure"! The red bra adventure, is quite interesting.