Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well. whoop-di-do!

I am now the happy possessor of a little gadget that reads my memory cards, and it works!

So, here we go.

wolf lichen yellow?

Bit silly, really, putting this one up. It is actually bright daffodil yellow yarn, dyed with wolf lichen, but the colour simply hasn't been picked up by the camera. Ah, well...


Spiraluscious! With obvious error, but I didn't spot it until I had finally started getting the border right, and there was NO WAY I was going to frog at that point! Blind men and galloping horses, and all that.

noro jacket

Noro jacket, showing highly sophisticated method of joining yarns (those ends will be dealt with, I promise!) Not exciting, but will be useful.

barni helping with sock knitting

Barni helping me with my Araucania sock. (He has helped some more today, and one of the needles now has a neatly deckled tip. Such a love!)



Both ends of the Gallery, Temporary Art Space, wherein I spend my Thursday afternoons at the moment.

So, back to what passes for normal around here.

I've been needle felting today in preparation of the workshop in a couple of weeks. I had actually forgotten what fun it is. I also forgot just how easy it is to jam a needle right through a digit. Fortunately, they are thin and sharp, and only hurt and bleed momentarily. All better now....

OK, so the DSM is watching a documentary on tv about what fun maths is, so I am blogging and about to look through beads, having seen some funky necklaces in town today that I could perfectly well make myself.

Each to our own.


beadlizard said...

Glad the gizmo works. Yay!

DD won't let me needle felt. She says it's way too dangerous... Hope you heal quickly -- sounds ouchy.

Donna said...

pretty colors on your noro!

janel said...

Oh sounds like what passes for a normal day around our house too... Except DH might be watching boxing.

I'm glad you got the camera gadget. Photos are always so nice. What does wolf lichen look like? Now that I have bought a house where lichen actually grows, I am intensely interested in all the forms of moss and lichen and such.