Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Stupid title for a post, but it expresses very well how I feel.

Stupid camera is still not talking to stupid computer, despite following the advice of a seemingly helpful young man at Samsung, and of our computer geek in Mytholmroyd. The newly downloaded driver didn't help - the pc now claims not to recognise the hardware at all. And trying all the cables that fitted the camera achieved nothing.

I have found the old camera, but not as yet the cable for it. So, no bloody photographs, again.

I do have a few things to show. I'm working on two pairs of more or less generic socks, one thick, one thin. The rib jacket from Yarn Forward is making slow progress. I persevere, as it will be a very useful garment. I've spun a little yarn, a pretty purple from a Ravelry swap. And I have the intense yellow - yes, it came out all right - from the wolf lichen. But no more dyed stuff as yet, I only remember I want to do it when it is really too late in the day.

It doesn't seem all that much, but we had a busy weekend with Guild on Saturday. (And very nice it was too. My DSIL is the current Chair, and she is doing a good job.) Then, Sunday was Mothering Sunday, so we went to York. Monday, the DSM took a day's leave, and the weather being sunny but fine, we did a bit of pottering in the garden. We had originally intended to have a day out, but this seemed a better way to go, with the fee being no cooking - lunch and supper being had out at favourite spots. Supper was particularly good, especially my soup - cream of cauliflower with a seared scallop as garnish. Very very yum.

(I am realising the Blogger for some unknown reason is doing that weird thing of obliterating the next letter if you alter the preceding one - aaargh. Can't cope with that, may have to go!)

I'm gallery sitting again tomorrow, and I had some photos of that as well, but they too will have to wait.

More later!


beadlizard said...

I don't try to coax my camera to speak to the computer. I have a little device (inexpensive) that plus in one of the USB ports and has a little slot for the camera card. Pop the card out of the camera and into the little port thingy and a window on the computer pops open asking do I want to open, etc., the files on the little card. Very, very easy. Comes up as a little series of folders. I copy what I want, nuke what I don't want to keep, close the windows, and slip the little card back in the camera. It uses the operating system of the computer instead of trying to interface with another organism.

My friend Marie tried out my AA electric yesterday and it needed oil and was a bit crabby (the wheel, not Marie), but soon she was spinning a beautiful, perfectly consistent thread. It made me realize how very much I've missed spinning. Taxes are almost done, then I shall spin a bit.

I hope your computer and your camera become friendly again. --syl

Freyalyn said...

yes, mine's similar - I have a slot on the printer that uses the printer's driver to transfer the photographs. I have software for the computer but have never had to use it.