Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh, the frustration.....

If not being able to put up photographs of this glorious spring day. Still, the end is in sight, as either Nathan will sort it out, or I will get one of the card readers that people keep telling me about. I had been labouring under the misapprehension that you had a camera with either a usb cable connector, or a card reader. But seems I'm wrong, and I can for very little money buy myself a gizmo so I can use the newer camera and read the card separately. Such clever stuff.

Anyway, today has been quite spectacular. Cold, I suppose, but with a black sweater on in the sun, warm enough to have coffee, and then lunch, outside. The young cats have been reveling in it, rushing about exploring. At one point, they dragged Neelix out with them, and we had the delightful sight of all three in single file, heads and tails up, prancing along the top of the gabions.

It hasn't all been sloth and self-indulgence, either. We went to the local garden centre yesterday, and bought all sorts of things, you know the usual sort of garden centre spring frenzy.....Seeds, seedlings, pots, feed, SLUGDETH (the environmentally friendly sort, at least that is what it claims on the tin - we have to do something.) Beds have been dug, pots weeded, paths cleared. I have planted out ten little heather plants where there used to be an unsuccessful herb garden, and they join all sorts of bits and pieces moved or rescued from elsewhere. It was a positive treat to be working out there, but I had to drive myself in to do some tidying upstairs and some stuff on the computer that I have been putting off for ages.

There has as well, been fibre stuff of course - it would a be a strange day if there wasn't. AH on Friday, again full, again a good day. A brand new spinner, who I could see had "got it" in one way, she knew what to do; but couldn't quite sustainedly achieve it! As people do, she was fairly brain dead come near the end, so most unusually for me I took to barking instructions at her ..."treadle! draft! let it go!" and suddenly it all came together and she was spinning a great yarn, with a big smile on her face.

Maybe I have a Jekyll and Hyde personality?

I had intended to do some dyeing today, but haven't managed to fit it in. Tomorrow, perhaps, as a treat?

The other thing we achieved yesterday was to find venues for the Nancy Bush workshops. Nancy has very kindly said that she will do two in HB if I like to arrange them, so it is slowly taking shape. One venue, for Saturday 4th July (how appropriate!) is now a firm booking, and we have a TBC one for a weekday workshop elsewhere. I shall be going public with details just as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I have a couple more emails I must send, and then I am desperate for a cup of tea. I'm all discombobulated with the hour change, need a boost!


beadlizard said...

I do miss your photos, but your prose is magnificent. DH and I wish you luck fighting the slugs. When I was a tyke my grandmother would give me a sharp stick and reward me with cookies if I could vanquish the banana slugs from her garden.

I don't know if all card readers operate the same way, but with mine, the moment I slip the card into the slot, that window pops up on the screen. It really is easy. --syl

Fluzz said...

Re: slugs I won the battle here using baking yeast and some dog bowls. I'd mix the yeast with about a teaspoon of sugar to get it going and luke-warm water into a dog bowl. I then set said bowl out in the garden with a slate supported by half bricks over it (to prevent toad death) and by the morning the thing would literally be FULL of happily drowned slugs. A vinyl glove and food waste bag later and the bowl is ready to catch more. I think I killed off about 3-400 in a month. David the ferret did his bit, he ate 3 :p

You're arranging something on my birthday? Ooooh, I shall keep an eager eye for details.

Dorothy said...

Is that Nancy Bush of the sock knitting books? Is HB Hebden Bridge? If so, I'd like to know more :)