Friday, February 01, 2008

Things of beauty

There's these:

mikes square spindles (2)

Arrived in the post yesterday. Some rather lovely new spindles from Mike Williams. When I've had time to give them a more thorough workout, I'll do a proper review, but so far so very good.

Then this gentleman visited the garden again this week.


He has been around the neighbourhood for a couple of years now and is always a welcome sight. We have never seen any wives, but they must be about the woods somewhere. We do have foxes, but maybe he is a bit on the hefty side for the? He certainly is for the mogs.

Right, I'm about to finish the packing for the Cornwall trip. Theoretically, there are a number of places with wifi access in the vicinity of DMIL, so I may get to check in - if not, see you in a week!

(Spellchecker has gone on strike - apologies for any typos!)

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