Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making my day

I do hope that Marie isn't too fed up with me for seemingly ignoring her!


She kindly awarded me this, and I am very touched by the gesture.

The hard part is thinking of who to pick in my turn - so many of the blogs I read have been chosen already. This is a process that may be on-going.......

The first is not an obvious choice, or a well-known blog. But Barbara is a skilled craftsperson, and has a wicked sense of humour. She can brighten my day very easily.

My second choice, I am surpised not to have seen mentioned loads of times already, but maybe I have missed it. More Than Somewhat not only has very cool knitting stuff, but also the most drop dead gorgeous beadwork you are likely to come across. Plus, I keep hoping she will break out into something Goonish sometime soon. It has to be heard to be believed.

Freyalyn deserves amention, too, not least for loads of pictures of luscious dyed fibre, very cheerful on a dark winter's morning!

I'm struggling here. Not to find blogs that I love, that truly make my day - there are such as Woven Thoughts, The Panopticon, Beadlizard
But these have gathered multiple kudos, very deservedly, already. Of course, the biggest "make my day" of all, the thing that is apt to put the biggest smile on the old phiz is I Can Has Cheezburger? (Except for when they do monkeys bums. Never did see the humour in them. But cute kitties - another dish of tea entirely.) But that of course doesn't count for present purposes.

So - I'll mull it over a while, and get back to you.

What is true is that it is blogs that can give me a boost, inspire me, whatever (well, that and siamese cats, onE of WHICH HAS JUST ARRIVED PERILOUSLY CLOSE TO ME KEYBOARD....AS Perhaps you can tell) in what I laughingly call my fibre art. I can be reassured by someone else describing a similar anxiety or problem, or get a burst of inspiration, of h'mm, what if I....or just simply get the impetus to continue (or conversely, to give something up as a bad job. Sometimes that is the right thing to do.)

That cat is back. I'd better stop this - and keep my fingers crossed that all those links work!

Aaarrgh. No spell check again. whatever.....

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Leigh said...

Congratulations! And thanks for the great links to follow. Some I already enjoy and some are new. I like that!