Monday, February 11, 2008

Back home after an action-packed week

Well, it was and it wasn't. We didn't go far afield after we had reached Cornwall. But we seemed to do a fair few things in a relaxed sort of way, never the less.

We did go to Get Knitted. Go. It is wonderful, and will now be a regular stop on our journey when we drive. Wow, cor &etc.

Anyway, we reached DMIL in time for the second rugby match so we all sat and watched. Fairly uninspired, but it was fun. DMIL is devoted to Jonny Wilkinson and fiercely protective of him when he is at risk of being tackled or something - too funny!

This is the cottage we rented. Very nice.


We arranged to all go out for lunch the next day to one of the favourite pubs, but as we were just about to set off, DMIL was suddenl;y in horrible agony in the hip that was replaced (eventually - grrr) - or rather more, in the leg. So instead we had to ring the locum doc service - who were helpful - and ended up taking her to the local community hospital to be checked over, which the doc on duty did pretty thoroughly. Had a nice manner,too. Offered to pack us of to Truro to have it x-rayed, but MIL was happy to take his judgement that it could wait for 24 hours to see how it went.

We managed to persuade her to take a few doses of paracetamol, and by the next morning there was only a residual stiffness left, so happily all ended well. I was just so very thankful that we had been there - she was rather scared, not surprisingly, at the thought of having to cope with a more serious problem and not able to look after herself, which normally she does very well. That's the problem of being so very far away - even flying, it would take half a day in an emergency to get there.

After that, the rest of the week passed pretty calmly - if you discount the central heating developing a leak inside the sitting room wall, and leaving us without hot water for two mornings, and visits from a very friendly neighbourhood plumber to sort it out. Good job it was towards the end of the week not the beginning when it was cold and wild.

I read about half of the Mitford letters, which I am very much enjoying. Altho9ugh that always has to be sort of qualified, as it is always the same, I am dumbfounded by some of their life story, language, beliefs. but to me, endlesly fascinating, and just be grateful that I am managing to keep my use of their language under control, I always catch it. It is too original. Do admit.......

Little knitting, but I spun quite a lot. On both wheel and charka, I did quite a lot on my Bosworth charka and fell in love with it all over again. I really must try to keep it to hand and use it more often.

We did manage to get out locally a fair bit - Hemmick once, and several walks around the harbour, camera in hand. I'll include one or two here; click on one to go to my Flickr account if you want more.

This is actually Polkerris, on a beautiful evening:


Then, Charlestown:

crab pot close-up

two ships

wooden bollard

I always find something different to photograph, every time I go.

We went to visit a friend over in Lancashire yesterday, on on the way I just had to stop and take this (as if I hadn't taken enough sunsets during the week!)

another sunset

If you look closely, you can see all the fleece hanging on the barbed wire fence.

(Bloody Blogger spellcheck is on strike again - this will just have to take it's chances.)

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