Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sofa, so good

A free weekend at home. Practically an endangered species. Plus the DSM has no less than three rugby internationals to watch. (I like the game, but can't cope with too much sport on our little tv.)

So, errands this morning, lunch at Organic House, always a pleasure, and then - I had noticed that the local furniture emporium was in the final throes of it's winter sale. Now, we had gone a-browsing last back-end, and found a sofa that we thought really nice and comfortable, but hadn't got around to doing anything more about it. So, over we toddled, remembered which one it was, and found to our joy that there was 25% off in the sale. Now, that can't be bad, eh?

So in a few weeks time we shall have some serious grown-up furniture, or rather a lovely three seater sofa to cuddle up on, together with a recliner chair and a large footstool that you can put things inside. No, not the DSM. Cats neither. Don't be silly. Plus a newly decorated living room, but that is something of another story that can wait until it is done and dusted, I mean photographed. If it works... I have a rather radical interior decor scheme in mind. Just by way of a change.

So, what have I been a-doing of, then? Apart from the usual spending too much time on the computer, of course. Well, I actually got out some of the bits and pieces that I have collected for my attempts at atc-making and did one. I haven't photographed it, I don't really consider it quite finished off, but hey! Finally. I shall make every effort to carry on. One of my problems (apart from sheer arrant cowardice) is the usual lack of space. It gets me with everything other than spinning and knitting. I long to be able to drag all the bits and batts out and fiddle them about, but I can't. Still - no moaning, just get on the best &whatever.

Tomorrow, I don't know. Depends on the weather - today hasn't been too bad. If fine, we shall do a bit in the garden, but there should still be time for - well, whatever I feel like doing!

Oh, the joy of an unencumbered weekend!

I spun some more silk, too, ably assisted by my iPod and then Neelix. He's channelling Fred again - trying to stop me spinning. So funny.

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