Monday, January 14, 2008

What's this coming over the hill?

No, not a monster....a modicum of creativity.

Jan sock

First sock of the year on the needles. Waffle stitch, and looking rather nice. May take quite a while to complete as the yarn (Chameleon Colorworks) is very fine and I am using a small size needle to get a fabric I like. Then I go and try to knit in the car on Saturday when not on the motorway, make a mistake and make myself queasy into the bargain, which put me off for a bit. Back in the saddle now, though.

dye pot

On mature reflection, it probably wasn't a good idea to hang the camera directly over the still-steaming dyepot. Ah, well.

As you can see, I went with the advice given. I had intended to do something rather more adventurous, but when I came to dive into the dye stash, I found some plastic milk bottles with dyestocks in left over from my last dyeing class at AH. So it seemed prudent to use some of that up before it went funny. So, merely Gaywool Tomato, I'm afraid, but actually it seems to have come up a really good colour. So maybe not so bad after all. I'll fish it out and wash tomorrow, I'm being good and going for maximum dye take-up by leaving to cool overnight.

shrug sample

This is the yellow/brown collection finally on the needles, too. The photograph should show the hem - considering I was too obstinate to go get a book and therefore invented both provisional cast-on and how to do the hem anyway - coming up not so dusty. The former didn't work - had to unpick each stitch, but I had used a slick coton perle so that was easy enough. The hem, as said, looks ok.

And thus far, the colours of yarn are working well together. I have one more shade to add, that will be the decider. But I don't think there will be sufficient for a generous shrug for me if I don't use it, so fingers crossed.

I am also being bold and making it up as I go along. I have made the odd note, but mostly I am just going with the flow. My intention is to knit from both cuffs and then graft in the middle. And I do not intend to match the two halves - asymmetry rules, ok? I really can't decide if this is inspired or lunacy. Or both, of course.

Maybe it will be a monster after all.......

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