Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A tentative wave

I'm still here. I haven't drowned. There was some flooding down in the valley, though, for a while. Fortunately, the torrent eased, and we are back to normal precipitation.

Meanwhile, although nothing spectacular or innovative has leapt into birth, I am plodding on and getting a quiet satisfaction from it.

The shrug is slooooowly growing. I knit on, trying to drown out the small voice that is saying in my ear that I may not have a sufficiency of yarns to do what I have in mind (whatever that is, ahem). I really don't know. I have some more plain dark brown. I may even have, and must go hunting for, some more of the Royale Hare brown/ginger/tan mix. There was some - depends on if it all sold.

Speaking of RH - I finished this downstairs. Very pretty.

royale hare skein

I simply cannot, at the moment, remember what this colourway is. Neither am I sure what to do with it. I am doing "small projects" next time at the AH class, so I could start on something to fit in with that; I also contemplated digging out my rigid heddle loom and Being Brave. Some pondering to do.

Then, upstairs, I have finished the Rovings "Mojave". It looks lovely. I am sorry in a way that it is completed, I have enjoyed spinning it - a very nice prep that spun up easily, very good for restful and contemplative spinning.

These are some of the separate colours, a tad fuzzy, but then I suppose the fluff was!

mojave samples 2

And this is how it all came out.


I wanted to keep the colours distinct, as unblurry as possible, so it is navajo plyed. Because it drafted so nicely, I was able to spin it pretty fine and soft, and amazingly didn't ruin it at the plying stage. I did alter my wheel ratio to a slower one, I find that helps me a lot with navajo ply.

I have been thinking waistcoat all along through this spinning project, and haven't changed my mind yet (that's probably a first!) I even have a pattern in mind. I need to check it out.

Next on the upstairs wheel, I have drug out a large bag of rather nice corriedale top. I enjoyed my little bit of dyeing so much, I thought I might do some more, so - I need some plain white yarn, no?

Frankly, the possibilities are endless, and thank heavens for that.


Anonymous said...

ooh, I love both of those yarns!

Gail M said...

That is awesome yarn Carol! My kinda colors too