Thursday, January 17, 2008

One to one

teaching is hard work! For both the participants. But I am pleased to say that I have helped launch another spinner into the world. She did very well - has issues that she is struggling with, but she knows the areas she has to work on and will get there. And that on two one hour sessions, which can't be bad.

She had the frequent problem yesterday of not letting the yarn go on to the wheel, but had practised overnight and coupled with the arrival of some pretty fluff from Freyalyn was much better by the time she finished.

I think this idea of using tops dyed in relatively small blocks of colour so that the student can actually see if the yarn they have spun is moving on to the wheel may prove to be a winner. I'll test run it again tomorrow at AH - I have three beginners!

The other two possible workshop dates for this year were confirmed yesterday. Our busiest year yet, I think. Each one is slightly different in format, so that will help keep it interesting. Mind you, every workshop is different anyway, with all sorts of characters involved and varying levels of experience. And the last of the orders for Woolfest was confirmed this morning, so I am feeling quite organised and pleased with myself. Well - I have made another enquiry about a different fibre and not yet had a response, but that is an add-on. In hand, anyway.

And, to warm up a dank and chilly day, some REDREDREDRED cashmere!! This is how it looks out of the dyepot and nicely dry and fluffy.

Now, I am pleased with this. The mixing of the colour might have been - well, non-existent - and non-technical, but the actual process went and has turned out well. Serendipitously, a good depth of shade, but most importantly completely even in coverage and not at all felted. I was very careful - didn't prod just turned everything over very carefully, brought it all up to temperature gently and left it to cool overnight in the dyebath. As a result, the take-up was almost complete, very little colour left in the pot and very little wash-out when I rinsed. And I love the colour.

Plus, matches the boots pretty dam' well.


Anonymous said...

I think you should model the scarf and mitts with the boots (and y'know, a coat or something), so we can see the whole outfit.

Freyalyn said...

Fabulous red - and that from someone who doesn't like the colour normally.

Doesn't my stuff look pretty! Glad it got there safely. See you tomorrow.