Thursday, January 24, 2008

A minor triumph

I have a rather sad habit. When I get to bed, first of all I read a while, then I like to plug in the iPod and knit a little bit. It's soothing, ok?

Last night, I was doing a round or two on the latest sock, which I thought was looking a bit narrow for my great plates of meat. So, I stuck my fist into it, and stretched it out - and it seemed ok. But - in the process, I noticed that I had dropped a stitch many rounds back. If I frogged it, I would have to probably redo all the instep stitches, and it isn't that I mind picking up (I actually rather like it) but this is a very splitty yarn, and it could get tedious.

So I decided to have a go at picking up the dropped stitch.


The first photograph I took of where the stitch was had way too much camera shake to use. This is actually after I had gone up four rows and the knitting was starting to get a bit tight. I have a feeling that this isn't quite the "correct" way to do this, but I needed several more hands than I had anyway, and hey, it was working!

Indeed, it worked....


Can't even see any puckering or distortion where it was. Definitely the right thing to do. Sometimes the simplest things can give the greatest satisfaction.

OK, so just feast your eyes on this - the view through my skylight window whilst fixing the sock.


I shall say little more, except that - there are one or two primroses out in the garden. Not as many as some years, at least so far. But that is mainly because of the major clearing being done. Our poor little garden, so sadly neglected last year, is being disinterred from the ruin. A sort of mini-Heligan? Er - no. But I can see that very soon we will be reaching the stage where we can start thinking about reconstruction and what to risk as a veggie crop. Having someone come in to help with this has been a very sensible decision that we have made!

Oh - and a workshop at Woolfest has been confirmed. So that is the last thing to squeeze into a very full year. It is starting to feel quite nice.......


Leigh said...

Looks great Carol. Good job. I usually use a crochet hook to pull the missed rows through the stitch. Trouble is, sometimes it gets a little tight. Yours looks really good though.

ra said...

Glad to hear you didn't drown, wasn't it awful though? Nice work on the picked up stitch. I had one of those with my "Sprout" and it's a little tight still, but not too bad.

Dorothy said...

You write as if this is a rare occurrence when you're knitting - I have to have a crochet hook to hand as I am always having to rescue poor little lost stitches like this when I'm knitting! I suppose I must be a clumsy knitter.

We eventually got a share of blue sky too today. Isn't it wonderful. A local weather site had recorded only had 10 hours sun this month before yesterday.