Saturday, September 01, 2007

Trying to catch up *again*

It does seem to have been one of those weeks. Wednesday was spent with a friend lunching and going to an exhibition. Thursday, I had to go to the dentist, and do a load of food shopping. Friday...not sure, lots of odds and sods. In between, knitting and spinning.

Today - now, today was interesting.........

I did, in fact, go to another exhibition, but I will deal with both of them in another post - for one thing, haven't had time to sort out photos yet. And it was good, very. But that isn't what I was burbling about.

Over the last few months, I have frequently said to the DSM - "when things get back to normal, and I don't mean the old normal, I mean a new, improved normal..." It does finally seem to be the case that this long-awaited state of affairs might just be coming to pass - huzzah! For one thing, himself is back in work for four days a week and working at home on the fifth. And enjoying it.

But there are signs, at least at the moment, of a new, improved normal, too. For the second Saturday in a row, We Went Shopping. Now, I really am not one of those women whose idea of the most fun is to spend all day at the Shopping Centre. But just occasionally, I like to venture as far as one of the regional metropoli (??) for some necessities, and a modicum of fun. Today, we went to Leeds, on the train, knitting (both of us) the entire way, which raised a few eyebrows, I can tell you. One poor early teen nearly swallowed her iPod, and just as nearly broke a rib belonging to her unfortunate friend because she kept poking her so hard.

Now, we had gift tokens to spend, and there was a special promotion on at Borders, so books and cds were on the list. So, that was the fun. But the really interesting thing - he truly is feeling a lot better if this could happen - The DSM bought clothes. Lots of clothes, only one small part of which were socks. Amazing.

We had a good time, the weather was ideal for such an outing, sunny and warm without being boiling hot, and we had the sense to stop before we got knackered. Plus, we still have some voucher left, so we can do a Manchester run in a few weeks time, when we have both recovered from the current excess of City and shopping. So now we are talking about a trip to go birding, or to the coast, or maybe both. The possibilities are endless........

S that this isn't a photoless post, here is one I took last weekend that might have been plastered all over the Red Tops in other circumstances. In doing some watering of pots outside, lo, this appeared. If you happen to be a devotee of Mercury, bend the knee.

winged boot

What is it? A winged boot, of course! Isn't it obvious?

Then, just before leaving the exhibition on Wednesday, I noticed this arrangement of chairs, and it really appealed to my eye.

basket chairs

Quite like the Victorian floor tiles, as well.

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beadlizard said...

Oh, so very very very glad to read about the new normalcy! YAY!!!!!

So, do we get any photos of DSM modeling his new clothes??? --Syl