Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beads, Masham and.......

Finally, I arrive at Blogger with photos to include. I have spent a long frustrating time, first struggling with Corel which was not in a cooperative mood, and then Flickr, which didn't want to upload nicely for me. Grrr. Still and all, I have if nothing else learned perseverance over my lifetime.....

Didn't go to Coven on Thursday after all, knackered, basically. Shame. But I did get to York on Friday, and had a lovely day, really. Three hours beading with friends was very soothing, even if the end result wasn't quite as I would have wished.

blue necklace

Needs more oomph and pizazz for moi. Too pretty pretty. Apparently, this pattern can look good done with cubes, and I have some fairly in your face ones, so......

Anyway, I decided going in on the train that I ought to go see the mater afterwards, so M dropped me off at the end of the road and the DSM picked me up on the way down from the by-pass. He was late, so I had the strange experience of sitting in the entrance lobby whilst the mater had her supper, knitting the LL sock (v. nearly done!) and watching a constant trickle of elderly ladies in wheelchairs being transported by carers seemingly at random. And in total silence. Very definitely food for thought.

So, Saturday to Masham, sadly sans sheep. We did enjoy our day. Pottered around, bumped in to various folk, as ever, and again as ever, this is always nice. But golly, was it quiet. Visitor numbers way down, and stall-holders, too. The organisers had to make the decision they did when they did, and sterling work had been done to fill some of the pens with "sheep". All kudos to them. But there was an edge of sadness about it all, and a considerable edge of bitterness. Viz:


I have other photos of "entries" on Flickr, just click on the photo above to go see.

We were both very tired, for whatever reason, so left quite early. But not before - and here comes the first big confession - going and picking up this:

little gem

I know, I know. I don't need it. I love the Lendrum, shall certainly not get rid of it. But I realised a little while back that I was fed up with what I consider its slightly awkward mantling and dismantling, not to mention carting around. So. Indulgence time.

Ahem. There is, however more to come. Watch this space.

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Freyalyn said...

I heard from P&M that you'd succumbed to this. But what else, I wonder....

Quite a few of the 'sheep' were vandalised overnight. Such a pity.