Sunday, September 16, 2007

Three days for the price of one

Friday was the regular class at AH. My friend the Silver Surfer has documented it already, plus some photos, so I won't go on too much about it. It was a good day, not only because of the dyeing, but because there were two new spinners who both did really well - one of them had been working on her own for a couple of weeks, but was making great progress. The other had never touched fibre before, and by the end of the day had learned to spindle spin and wheel spin and had plyed her first yarn.

I had an interesting thought. She had the usual trouble that so many beginners have to work through, not letting go of the yarn so that it winds on to the bobbin. Now, I always use white tops for teaching and it suddenly occurred to me that if I used a multicoloured preparation with short lengths of colour, a newbie might be able to watch the changes and thus learn more quickly to keep it moving. I'll get some organised for next time, just in case we have more beginners.

Anyhow, a photo or two.


And the teacher (on the right)......


(I didn't take these, the SS did - thanks!)

Yesterday was Guild, with Freyalyn running a spinning clinic and everyone chatting and spinning as well. I really hadn't intended to, but I succumbed to a couple of bags of a very pretty orange and green mix that will, I hope, go with some orange/brown preps I am already working on, destined for a shrug.

So, today I started spinning it, of course, even though I am already working on the other aforementioned plus some plain brown to eke it all out.

Freyalynns Demeter

I want it rather softer than I sometimes do, so I am using an extended draw with a rapid wind-on, which has the added advantage that it spins up quicker! Not that spinning it is not pleasant, it is very nice to work with. But I want this as a knitting project for when we go on holiday.

Spinning Demeter

And for what it is worth, this is not a good photo! - the yellow/brown.


Now - and I have been called on it (g) - I said I would, and I have!

Believe it or not as you choose, but this is going to be very hard for me to do. You have to understand that I have no confidence in whatever artistic abilities I may or may not have. I think this is one reason that I am drawn to ATCs, they are so tiny and hopefully non-threatening. Well, maybe.

So here we have my very first efforts. Pretty dire, though I says it myself. But I have learned things, and that, in a sense, is what it is all about (sorry). I have learned that friendly plastic is not totally so. As it cools, it curls. I have learned that attempting to suggest seagulls in flight with full-strength white acrylic paint freehand is probably not a good idea. I have learned that this is harder than even I had though that it might be, but actually is rather fun. I have learned that the card stock that I am using is perhaps rather flimsy, but it will have to do (note to self - try using it double?)

first attempts

I have also learned that blogging really does keep you up to the mark. Having gone public with it, I had/have to do it - well, as long as I am liking doing it, anyway. Masochism can only last so long, in my book.

Ok, that'll do. I'm off to check on things Ravelous. Golly, what a great and awful invention Ravelry is. Whoever first described it as a "time suck" did assuredly know whereof they spoke.


Leigh said...

What an excellent idea to use colored roving to teach spinning. I should think it will make it more fun for them too. Yours looks absolutely yummy.

I agree about blogging being a great motivator. I've never been so productive in my life (especiallly on the project finishing front).

ra said...

which spinning guild do you go to?