Friday, September 21, 2007

Just an ordinary post

If the upside of blogging is to focus one, to keep up the effort to finish certain - most - projects; or if abandoning something to clearly understand why; or to admit one's frailty at just not getting around to something.

Or to construct ungrammatical sentences.

Then the downside is that if there occurs just an ordinary week, then it follows that there can only be an ordinary post.

No dramas, witticisms, finished objects or insightful......insights. And yet somehow, Ms Blogger doesn't want to leave that dread thing empty air Hopefully, this does not mean that Ms Blogger is suffering from the equally dread "I blog, therefore I am" syndrome.

It is most strange. I am sitting here, and I can identify a feeling of "if I have nothing to blog about, I haven't actually achieved anything in the last few days. Thankfully, this is of course, complete rot. Tommy-rot, indeed. (At this juncture, Ms Blogger is forcibly restraining herself from rushing off to google the origins of that somewhat archaic phrase, so simply ignore the sounds of a muffled struggle.....)

The highlight of my week has been the purchase of a new hot water bottle, with a fleecy cover with sheep printed on it. If that were true, what a sad creature I would be.

No, the highlight of my week has been the arrival of a lovely parcel of fibre from Abby Franquemont (I won't use the current slang, don't want to attract the spammers.) Enough to say, it is absoeffinglutely gorgeous and I can't wait to get spinning it.

But actually, that isn't the highlight of my week either, although that would not be quite so sad.

Could it be spending an afternoon with a keen spinner, who really wanted a lesson but as I wasn't quite sure what she was after, I wouldn't do that until digging a bit deeper, so we had - or at least, I did, a good chat. Now she has identified some needs, I am planning a proper session which will be good, but simply spending time with fellow knitters and spinners is always worthwhile whatever.

Nope. That was good, but still not the highlight.

Coven last night? Magrat brought lovely goodies, and I did quite a few rows on the stalled shawl, but although related, still not there yet.

Lunch out with a friend today? Nope.

No, mulling it over, I realised that the "highlight" is that I have put in some solid work on all the projects, knitting and spinning. There is visible progress all round. Add to that an appropriate amount of domestic activity (by which I mean just sufficient to keep the old domicile looking not filthy, and the washing and ironing up to date and decent healthy meals all round) then there is to be found a quiet satisfaction, an unusual state, an d a highlight all by itself.

Sometimes being ordinary is definitely the best.

Ra - I belong to Bradford Guild (and the OLG) Are you coming to visit ?


beadlizard said...

If that's ordinary, then ordinary is definitely good. Neat post! --Syl

Sparkley Stitches said...

Sounds great to me.............thanks for the comment on my spinning it was most encouraging - S

ra said...

not sure yet, so difficult to find the time, but I am quite keen to get out to a group. I'm in the OLG weavers spinners & Dyers too, but real people are good too!

Sounds like you've had a pretty good week all in all. Life shouldn't always be spectacular!

spinningmaid said...

Thank you for making me laugh tonight Carol. Perhaps I'll start blogging too. Definitely only once a week though. I'm very impressed that your washing and ironing are up to date!! Spinning too frequently (i.e. nearly always) takes precedence over mine. You're an inspiration. Ann (Bradford Guild)